Why Do Sophie and Walt Return to Earth in Moonshot?

Image Credit: Bob Mahoney / Warner Bros.

In the science-fiction romantic comedyMoonshot,’ both protagonists, Walt (Cole Sprouse) and Sophie (Lana Condor), travel to Mars. The story is set in 2049, and Mars has been colonized. Walt goes there because it has always been his dream to travel to Mars. He is imbued with the spirit of an adventurer. As he says himself, if he were born 600 years earlier, he would have stolen a boat and sailed away. He is a perpetually restless soul who believes that Mars will be the answer to all his questions.

Meanwhile, Sophie initially has no plans to go to Mars. Instead, she wants to stay on Earth and develop a trash-eating plant. But when her boyfriend accepts a job on Mars, extending his stay indefinitely, she decides that she must go to Mars. Walt boards the spaceship that Sophie is traveling on and hides in the air ducts. After Sophie discovers Walt, the latter blackmails her into helping him. Despite everything they have been through to get to Mars, both Sophie and Walt decide to return to Earth. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Does Sophie Return to Earth?

At the start of the film, Sophie seems to have everything figured out. She has decided that she and her boyfriend Calvin will spend a year away from each other. And then he will get back, and she will graduate, and together they will create a plant that can eat trash, taking care of what has become a global issue. But then, he accepts a job on Mars, unraveling her plans.

Sophie’s parents died when she was 14 years old. Calvin’s family subsequently welcomed her into their home. After realizing that everyone she loves is on Mars, she decides to go there. However, during her travel, she grows close to Walt. On Mars, she discovers that Calvin has recommended her for his team without even consulting her. She realizes that she is gradually losing herself because of her relationship. After speaking to Calvin’s mother, she breaks up with Calvin and boards the shuttle back to Earth.

Why Does Walt Return to Earth?

After reaching Mars, Walt gets immediately arrested. He partly came to Mars for a girl named Ginny, who visits him and reveals that she has a boyfriend now. Walt later meets his idol, Leon Kovi (Zach Braff), the man leading the colonization efforts. Kovi tells Walt that they have always known that he was on the ship. He has shared the video of Walt trying to sneak into the shuttle, and it has gone viral. He agrees to let Walt stay on Mars under the condition that his company will be able to use Walt’s image until perpetuity. Walt is initially happy with the arrangement but gradually realizes that Mars is not what he thought it would be. To his adventurous spirit, Mars represented the solution to everything while he was on Earth. But once he gets to the Red Planet, he only finds disappointment and disillusionment.

When he is initially offered the chance to be the first human to travel to Ceres, the dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, he accepts it eagerly. The prospect of venturing toward the unknown excites him. Even when Kovi tells him that he was chosen because people found his ordinariness inspirational, he is prepared to go.

Walt decides to contact Sophie, the only person on Mars that cares about him, and learns that she is going back to Earth. It is that adventurous spirit from before that compels him to take a chance and go see Sophie. He returns to Earth with Sophie because he loves her. Because now, she is his adventure.

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