Wilderness Ending, Explained: How Does Liv Get Away From Will?

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Amazon Prime’s ‘Wilderness’ is a thriller series based on B.E. Jones’ 2019 novel of the same name and created for television by Marnie Dickens. It stars Jenna Coleman (‘The Serpent‘) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (‘The Haunting of Hill House‘) as a couple, Liv and Will, living picture-perfect lives. When Liv learns of Will’s infidelity, the couple plans a road trip to resolve their issues. However, Liv secretly plans revenge on her husband, but a chain of events leads Will and Liv to reconsider their choices. If you are looking for answers about the fate of Liv and Will’s relationship and whether Liv gets her revenge, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Wilderness.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Wilderness Plot Synopsis

‘Wilderness’ follows the life of married couple Will and Olivia “Liv” Taylor. After getting married in the UK, the couple relocates to New York, United States, for Will’s job. As a result. Liv is forced to quit her job as a journalist and move to the US for the sake of her husband’s career. On the surface, Liv and Will appear to be in love and live near-perfect married life. However, one day, Liv sees a message that proves Will has been cheating on her. The matter becomes more pressing as flashbacks reveal Liv’s father’s affairs destroyed her family life and left a deep scar on her. As a result, Liv refuses to forgive Will despite the latter claiming it was a one-time thing.

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Will plans an all-american road trip to make up for his mistake and prove his commitment to Liv. However, three weeks before the couple leaves for their trip, Liv finds a video of Will sleeping with a woman named Cara. As a result, Liv is enraged and becomes motivated to kill Will on their trip across America’s wilderness, planning to make it look like an accident. However, Liv and Will are surprised when they bump into Cara and her boyfriend, Garth, on their trip.

After an accident injures Will and their car gets stolen, Will and Liv are forced to tag along with Cara and Garth, making the situation uncomfortable. Moreover, flashbacks reveal that Liv had been stalking Cara before the trip. One night, Liv and Will argue, and Will admits to being weighed down by Liv giving up her life for his career, leading him to cheat on her. As a result, Will and Liv’s relationship is further dented, and Liv reaches a breaking point when she finds a message from Cara about eloping that night on Will’s phone. An enraged Liv rushes to the rendezvous point, where she pushes the figure in a red raincoat from the cliff’s edge.

Later, it is revealed that the person Liv pushed down the cliff was Cara, who dies after succumbing to her injuries, leaving Garth devastated. Detective Rawlings and Detective Wiseman investigate Cara’s death and start suspecting it to be a murder. Meanwhile, Will confesses to Liv about his affair with Cara and explains that if the police learn of his affair, we could be arrested for Cara’s murder. Liv places her trust in Will and sticks by his story while also helping him erase traces of his relationship with Cara. However, with the police breathing down their neck, Will and Liv are running out of time to save their marriage and lives.

Wilderness Ending: How Does Liv Get Away From Will?

Eventually, Will and Live systemically erase traces of Will and Cara’s affair. Meanwhile, we also learn more about Liv’s childhood, her mother’s inability to move on after being cheated upon, and its impact on Liv, shaping her quest for revenge on Will. On the other hand, the police blame Garth for Cara’s murder after evidence suggests their relationship was not as solid as Garth claimed, and Cara was planning on leaving him. Nonetheless, the charges against Garth are dropped, and he becomes convinced Cara cheated on him. At the same time, Liv learns Will cheated on her with multiple women, including Cara’s friend, Marissa.

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The fallout from Will and Cara’s relationship culminates with Garth holding Liv at gunpoint, forcing her to kill him in self-defense. The police also believe Liv acted in self-dense, and the charges against her are dropped. Thus, it seems like Will and Liv get away with their crimes. However, when Liv demands a divorce, Will refuses, proving himself to be the toxic manipulator Liv suspected him to be. Not only did Will cheat on Liv with multiple women, but he also admitted marrying Liv to please his parents. As a result, Will refuses to free Liv from their toxic relationship by divorcing her. Instead, his promises of reconciliation were shallow, just like his personality.

Liv confesses to killing Cara, which gives Will an upper hand to enforce his desire to continue their fractured marriage as a facade of the seemingly perfect life while continuing his twisted infidelity. Liv finally snaps and submits the evidence of Will and Cara’s affair to the police, implicating Will in Cara’s murder. Consequently, Will is arrested and imprisoned. Ultimately, despite her countless attempts to forgive Will and reconcile with him, Will continues manipulating Liv and has no intention of setting her free. As a result, he pays the price by being arrested for a murder he did not commit, while Liv gets revenge for the mistreatment she is subjected to.

Is Liv and Will’s Marriage Over?

In the sixth episode’s final moments, Liv visits Will in prison, where Will tries to weasel his way into manipulating Liv to give him another chance. Previously, Will suggested having a baby to fix the issues in his marriage with Liv. However, this time around, Liv is unwilling to trust Will, leaving him to rot in prison. Will threatens to send private investigators against Liv and prove that she killed Cara. However, Liv claims to be pregnant with Will’s child and uses the baby as leverage to keep Will from coming after her.

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Ultimately, Liv admits she was trying to kill Will instead of Cara on that fateful night. Over the episodes, we see Liv wrestling with the idea of killing Will, but she abandons it after seeing the chance of making their marriage work. By the end, Liv sees Will for the man he is – an inconsiderate and manipulative male who cares only about maintaining the facade of his perfect life. Thus, when Liv admits to wanting to kill Will, it is evident that she is no longer bound to loyalty for her husband, and their marriage is effectively over.

Where Does Liv Go?

In the final moments, Live returns to the hiking trail where Cara died. While on the cliff, Liv takes a moment to appreciate her newfound freedom while feeling remorse for Cara’s death. On the other hand, Liv’s mother receives a manuscript of her novel containing a fictionalized account of her experiences in her marriage with Will. Meanwhile, a male hiker cautions Liv for standing too close to the edge and recalls Cara’s death, blaming her for plummeting for her death. The remark offends Liv, who scolds the hiker while highlighting how Cara, just like her, was a victim of Will’s inflated male ego and manipulative nature.

In their brief time together, Liv and Cara bonded over how men always take advantage of women and manipulate them. Therefore, it is evident that Liv feels sorry for Cara’s demise, especially since Will never intended to leave her for Cara, making Cara’s story even more tragic. Nonetheless, the series ends with Liv claiming that the emotional torment women suffer because of men can only be ended by seizing control of their lives. As a result, the final moments depict Liv reclaiming her independence, and her surroundings indicate the same. Thus, Liv’s journey comes full circle as she refuses to let a man get away with his demented methods and slowly destroy her life, stripping away her dignity like her father did to her mother.

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