Will Gao From Heartstopper: Everything We Know

The enlivening levity of youth coalesces with the trials and tribulations of young people in Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper.’ Created by Alice Oseman, the coming-of-age drama revolves around Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson at the all-boys Truham Grammar School. After getting seated next to each other, the teenage boys slowly gravitate toward each other. While their attraction to each other takes center stage, the queer romantic drama also explores the vivacity of friendship and platonic love.

Tao Xu, Charlie’s best friend and confidante, plays a vital role in the series. Helping his closest friend map the trepidations of life, Tao’s exuberant personality compliments the story in several ways. Will Gao plays the role of Charlie’s best friend in the series. Naturally, many fans have been curious to know more about the actor. If you’re also interested, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Will Gao’s Age, Family, and Background

Born on February 20, 2003, Will Gao’s upbringing was heavily influenced by the cross-cultural influences of his parents’ descent. The son of an English father and a Chinese mother, the 20-year-old actor and his younger sister Olivia were brought up traditionally. Just as his character attends an all-boys prep school, he also attended Trinity School and completed his A Levels in 2022. Raised in South London, Will has played classical piano since he was four and was even a member of the Trinity Boys Choir. After realizing his interest in the arts, Will quickly explored different opportunities.

Will Gao’s Profession

Having performed Shakespeare’s Puck and Cobweb in 2016, Will continued to solidify his place in the theatrical arts. In May 2019, Will joined the National Youth Theatre to kickstart his career. The following year, Will saw a casting call for an East Asian Actor and decided to audition for the role of Tao. When the opportunity of starring in the Netflix production knocked at the East-Asian actor’s door, he was shocked but ecstatic. However, his father expressed his apprehensions about the same. Talking about it, Will told GQ Magazine, “He knew how sh-t representation is here. He was like, ‘I don’t want my son going in as a half-Chinese actor into an industry that won’t be very representative.’”

However, everything worked out for the best and Will ultimately proved his mettle as an actor by stepping in the role of Tao Xu. So, even though Will had hoped to spend his 20s performing Shakespeare, the star ultimately found himself acting in front of the cameras, and we’re not complaining! After successfully transitioning from theatre to the screen, Will continued his streak of success. While his role in ‘Heartstopper’ has accrued him wide fame, the star hasn’t limited himself and continues exploring other projects. Will also appears on Andrew Baird’s neo-noir indie ‘Sunrise’ starring Guy Pearce. You can also spot the actor showcasing his prowess in ‘Breakwater,’ a psychological thriller set in Oxford.

In addition to acting, Will has also explored other artistic pursuits. Along with his younger sister Olivia Hardy, Will is part of Wasia Project, a band that confluences jazz, classical, and several other influences in their music. The duo released their debut EP, ‘How Can I Pretend?’ in 2020. Their latest works include, ‘Petals on the Moon,’ and ‘My Lover Is Sleeping.’ In addition to accruing acclaim for their music, the talented sibling duo tours regularly too.

Is Will Gao Dating Anyone?

From what we can tell, Will Gao is not dating anyone as of writing. Moreover, the star also likes to keep his sexual orientation under wraps. Dating seems off the table for the young star as he is constantly preoccupied with other professional commitments and projects. From attending the Paris Fashion Week to Nigo’s Kenzo catwalk show, Will’s work-related responsibilities include his presence at different junctures. As such, the actor and musician is consistently engaged with shoots for different brands and publications.

When he’s not occupied with work and projects, Will likes to unwind through woodworking. The star is known to take classes at a community interest company in Highgate. Citing his interest in carpentry as a means to relax and leave behind the burgeoning stardom that accompanies him everywhere, Will likes to pursue several interests outside work as well. Not just this, the star also plans on writing and directing in order to exponentiate Asian representation. Therefore, as far as we can tell, Will is currently single. Instead, the star hopes to accelerate his career and find success as an artist in multiple pursuits. Naturally, we look forward to the milestones Will Gao achieves in the future!

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