Will Jonah Leave Station 118? Is Bryce Durfee Leaving 9-1-1?

When Chimney leaves Station 118 to find Maddie in FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1’ season 5, Bobby gets forced to find a replacement for him. After a series of temporary placements, the captain of Station 118 appoints Jonah, irrespective of Hen’s opposition. Even though Hen doesn’t want to share her ambulance with someone other than Chimney permanently, Jonah eventually earns her approval and admiration.

However, Jonah’s future at Station 118 becomes uncertain when Chimney returns to Los Angeles from Boston upon finding Maddie. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering whether Chimney’s return will pave the way for Jonah’s departure from 118. Let’s find out!

Will Jonah Leave Station 118?

Due to Chimney’s unavailability, Bobby confronts the need to recruit a paramedic without harming the existing dynamics of the team. When he realizes that he cannot always rely on temporary first responders, he makes Jonah’s placement permanent. When Hen comes to know about Jonah’s permanent posting, she fears that the recruit will try to replace Chimney. Jonah, however, makes it clear to Hen that he will build his own identity through hard work rather than trying to be her former partner. Hen finally accepts him upon witnessing his work ethic and maturity.

In the thirteenth episode of season 5, Chimney visits Station 118 to see Bobby and other squad members upon reaching LA. Chimney’s return makes Jonah worry about his future at the station. Since Chimney will most likely return to his former post, Jonah fears that he may need to leave the station to accommodate his predecessor. The newly appointed paramedic also expresses his concern to Lucy. As Jonah contemplates his future, one must be eager to know whether the predicament will open a gateway for Bryce Durfee to exit the procedural show. Let’s see!

Is Bryce Durfee Leaving 9-1-1?

Since Bryce Durfee joined ‘9-1-1’ as part of the recurring cast rather than in a guest capacity, the actor may not leave the show after appearing in just two episodes. Even though Chimney will return to his former post, Jonah still can be an integral part of the squad of 118, especially in light of his recent permanent placement. We may see Hen and Chimney developing Jonah as a commendable paramedic, polishing his appreciable skill sets and commitment.

Since Chimney will be joining the squad after a long period of almost six months, Bobby may prefer having Jonah till the former interim captain settles in the squad. As the squad of Station 118 gets constantly changed, especially after the departure of Chimney and Eddie, Bobby may wish to have permanent personnel available at his disposal to build certain chemistry between his squad members.

As Jonah earns his spot in the team, he is likely to continue being a part of 118 regardless of Chimney’s return. In the upcoming episodes, we may see how Bobby will manage two paramedics efficiently. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Bryce Durfee is likely to continue featuring in ‘9-1-1.’

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