Will Laura and Brendon Get Together in The Rookie Feds? Theories

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ABC’s police procedural show ‘The Rookie: Feds’ follows Simone Clark and Brendon Acres, two rookies who become a part of Supervisory Special Agent Matthew “Matt” Garza’s special unit upon joining the FBI. While Special Agent Carter Hope starts to train Simone, Brendon becomes the responsibility of Special Agent Laura Stensen. Laura and Brendon start to form a bond that is different from that of a rookie and his training officer. As Brendon starts to find a position in Laura’s personal life, the viewers must be intrigued to find out whether a romance will bloom between them. Well, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Laura and Brendon’s Future in The Rookie Feds

Ever since Brendon’s first day in the FBI as a special agent, Laura has tried her best to have his back. Although she is stringent when it comes to verbal acknowledgments and appreciation, Laura gives Brendon enough space to follow his instincts and grow as a capable agent himself. However, their relationship hasn’t been entirely professional either. Brendon manages to find a way to interact with her personally without the boundaries of their professional relationship. Surprisingly, Laura even allows him to do so, which encourages Brendon to form an off-duty connection with his superior.

Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

When Laura struggles with the memories of her ex-fiancé, who had cheated on her with her former best friend, it is Brendon who helps her deal with the same. When her other colleagues and acquaintances fail to understand Laura completely, Brendon not only succeeds in doing so but also advises her to express her feelings rather than repressing them. Following Brendon’s advice helps Laura immensely as she expresses her anger towards her former best friend and finds relief doing so. As she thanks Brendon for helping her, it is evident how easily he can understand her.

When Mark Atlas, Laura’s former profiling partner, meets her to amend their companionship, it is Brendon who helps him with the same. Brendon’s words help Atlas to clear the air between him and Laura. Brendon’s ability to comprehend Laura’s emotional nuances makes him a compatible potential partner. Since they are working together, Laura and Brendon also have enough time to get to know each other better and possibly nurture their relationship romantically. After Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford’s subtle romance in ‘The Rookie,’ it will not be a surprise to see another rookie and training officer getting together.

Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Although Laura has sex with Atlas during the latter’s time in Los Angeles, she makes it clear to him that nothing more can happen between them, especially since Atlas has to return to Washington, D.C. With Atlas out of the picture, Brendon definitely stands a chance to get together with Laura. Having said that, their union, if it ever happens, may not materialize anytime soon. Laura is yet to completely move on from the pain of getting cheated on by her ex-fiancé and she may need some time before she can even think about another relationship.

More than anyone, Brendon succeeds in understanding the gravity of the pain Laura suffers from. Considering the same, Brendon is expected to be her support system, which will make him an essential part of Laura’s personal life. If that happens, their union as a couple is highly probable.

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