Will Mo Die in Fear the Walking Dead? Theories

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The eighth season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ follows the reunion of Morgan Jones and Mo, who reconnect as father and daughter after seven long years. Together with Grace, they aspire to live as a family. Their ambitions, however, get threatened when Grace gets bitten by a walker. Her death shakes Mo severely as she has been looking forward to cherishing her time with her mother after living alone for a long period. After Grace’s death, Mo makes a significant decision that is expected to threaten her life. Naturally, the viewers must be concerned about her fate. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Mo Die?

In the fourth episode of the eighth season, Grace gets bitten by a walker while Morgan buries his wife Jenny and son Duane. In the fifth episode of the season, Mo and Morgan try to take her to June, only to fail. Even when Grace and Morgan accept the former’s impending death, Mo doesn’t, which leads her to take her mother to the train car to treat her. Following June’s instructions, Mo tries to save Grace but the latter eventually dies and turns into a walker. Morgan then kills Grace, only for Mo to stoop to distress. Meanwhile, Shrike meets Morgan and Mo to explain her need for killing the walkers at the shipyard.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Shrike lets them know that the containers at the place have supplies that can prosper other communities, which will result in the expansion of PADRE as a civilization. As per Shrike’s vision, the expansion of PADRE will save the lives of several children and the people they love. Shrike convinces Mo that through the expansion of the community, she will be able to develop a cure for walker bites so that the same won’t kill more mothers. Mo sets out to kill the walkers at the shipyard for Shrike’s vision to materialize. The little girl wants other communities to avail the assistance of PADRE so that children like her wouldn’t need to lose their loved ones like she lost her mother.

Mo’s courage, however, puts her life in danger. Although her resilience and determination cannot be matched by the adults in the community, it is seemingly impossible for her to kill over a thousand walkers locked up at the shipyard. Mo doesn’t even excel in killing walkers since it hasn’t been long since she overcome traumas of the past, associated with the same. The group she is leading, formed by several young soldiers, seems inadequate to fulfill the mission. Since they cannot use any ammunition, killing the walkers at the shipyard is nothing but a suicide mission.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

After losing Duane, Morgan may not want to lose another child, especially after losing his partner Grace. Although Shrike locks him up in the train car, surrounded by walkers, we can expect him to escape from the same and stop his daughter. If Morgan succeeds to do the same before Mo and her team open the gate of the shipyard, the little girl’s life is expected to remain safe for now. In addition, Daniel Salazar and his army of parents are expected to intervene in the predicament as well. Although Daniel refuses to help Morgan kill the walkers, he may not be able to ignore Mo and her group.

Mo is accompanied by a group of young soldiers, who were abducted from the mainland as babies by the collectors of PADRE. Some of their parents can be a part of Daniel’s group. They may not let those children put their lives on the line to fight a battle they cannot win. If that’s the case, Morgan may join those parents to save Mo or Daniel may save Mo for Morgan.

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