Will Reynolds and Gabrielle End Up Together in New Amsterdam? Theories

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The fifth season of NBC’s medical seriesNew Amsterdam’ follows several changes in Dr. Floyd Reynolds’ life as Dr. Linda “Lyn” Malvo and their child move to Colorado with Lyn’s husband, Dr. Claude Baptiste. As Lyn starts a new chapter of her life away from Reynolds, the cardiovascular surgeon starts to consider dating again. The fourth episode of season 5 depicts Reynolds’ encounter with Gabrielle, New Amsterdam’s new traveling nurse. As they strike a connection in the fifth episode of the season, the viewers may want to know about the prospects of seeing them end up together. So, has Reynolds found his love of life? Let us share our thoughts regarding this! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Reynolds Find Love with Gabrielle?

After Lyn’s move to Colorado, Reynolds starts a new phase of his life as a single man. While undergoing surgery for his Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, the surgeon notices a new nurse in the hospital and tries to find her name, only for her to not reveal the same. His curiosity grows on him and he finally asks her out. When she lets him know that she is the new traveling nurse at the hospital, posted for eight weeks, Reynolds tries to back off from his initial plan to date her. Still, the nurse introduces herself as Gabrielle and succeeds in convincing Reynolds to go with her for a drink.

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As far as Reynolds is concerned, he is open to a new relationship, and Gabrielle ticks all the boxes. She is talented, intelligent, and independent enough to keep Reynolds longing for a drink with her. But the surgeon is scared of the fact that she is a traveling nurse. Gabrielle is in New Amsterdam only for eight weeks and for Reynolds, it can be too short a time for a relationship. He must be fearing that Gabrielle may vanish from his life after around two months, which may stop him from committing to her.

Reynolds has to change his life drastically when his former partners decide to leave New York City. Whether it be his ex-fiancée Evie Garrison or his last partner Lyn, Reynolds’ partners have moved from where Reynolds lives, affecting their relationships with the surgeon severely. Thus, it is understandable that Reynolds most likely will not want to repeat the pattern and the hurt he has to experience along with the same. Therefore, he may be interacting with Gabrielle with the utmost caution, which may not be an ideal way to form a permanent relationship with someone.

Image Credit: Ralph Bavaro/NBC

In addition, it is not sure whether Gabrielle is seeing Reynolds as a long-term partner. To convince him to go for a drink with her, Gabrielle tells him that they can have an enormous amount of fun in eight weeks, which indicates that she most likely is not expecting anything to form between them that will remain even beyond her temporary stay at New Amsterdam. If Gabrielle sees her connection or relationship with Reynolds as a fling, the latter may not encourage the same. Reynolds knows that he is cruising towards his 40s and it is time for him to find someone who can stay in his life. If that’s the case, Reynolds and Gabrielle’s relationship may not materialize.

Having said that, Reynolds and Gabrielle’s committed relationship is not an absolute impossibility. Upon spending time with the surgeon, the traveling nurse may start nurturing feelings for him that are strong enough to make her stay in New Amsterdam permanently. If Gabrielle decides to put an end to her wandering life for a while to share her life with Reynolds, they may unite as a committed couple. However, it won’t be an easy task for Reynolds to make someone who had lived in “four continents in six countries and twenty-seven different cities” stay in New York City prominently for him.

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