Will Simone and Naomi End Up Together in The Rookie: Feds?

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ABC’s police procedural show ‘The Rookie: Feds’ revolves around the personal and professional lives of Special Agent Simone Clark, who joins the FBI at the unusual age of forty-eight. Since Simone has put in a lot of effort to become an FBI agent, she is extremely committed to her profession. She prioritizes her work above her personal concerns, which creates enough trouble in her love life. In the sixteenth episode of the series, Simone meets Naomi, an LAPD officer, as part of an investigation. They form a bond after their meeting, making the admirers of the series wonder whether they will end up together. Here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Simone and Naomi End Up Together?

Simone and Naomi meet while both of them try to capture a con artist named Chase Harrison without being aware of the other’s existence. When the FBI takes hold of Harrison’s case, Naomi doesn’t even hesitate to stand against Supervisory Special Agent Matthew “Matt” Garza. The LAPD officer’s determination to bring the criminal to justice so that his victims can earn the justice they deserve appeals to Simone, who ensures that the con artists’ victims would get compensated. Simone then meets Naomi to let her know her efforts to help the victims have yielded results. The police officer then asks the FBI agent out on a date.

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Simone meets Naomi not soon after breaking up with Dina Jackson AKA DJ. Although the FBI agent and musician love each other severely, the former fails to prioritize their relationship since she has been extremely committed to finding her footing in the Bureau. When she misses one of DJ’s performances, Simone realizes that she cannot expect the latter to be in a relationship in which the musician isn’t even cared for as much as she wants, which leads to their break up. If Simone gets into another relationship, she may want a partner who can understand her limitations and priorities.

If that’s the case, Naomi is possibly the best partner she can ask for. As a fellow officer, Naomi knows how essential prioritizing one’s work is, which is evident in the hard work she does to capture Harrison. Such an officer is expected to understand Simone’s decision to prioritize being a committed agent over her relationship. Naomi may do the same if she is in a relationship. Therefore, the compatibility between Simon and Naomi may make them consider sharing their lives with each other. Although Simone introduces Naomi as her friend to her father Christopher “Cutty” Clark, their dynamics do suggest that it may not remain the same.

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Since Naomi is new to Los Angeles, she doesn’t have many acquaintances in the city, which makes her share her time with Simone as much as she can. In addition, they have been collaborating to solve multiple cases. In the upcoming episodes, we can expect the collaboration to continue, which may bring them closer. The warm feelings they have for one another may gradually become more intense. Naomi has shown how caring she is. In the eighteenth episode of the series, she introduces knitting to Simone as a way to calm her down after several hectic days. Such actions may make Simone feel special and cared for.

Considering these factors and possibilities, it will not be a surprise if Simone and Naomi decide to end up together. In the upcoming episodes of the series, we may see them opening up about their feelings for each other. The eighteenth episode also offers a glimpse of their wish to be intimate with one another, which can be seen as an indication of how they want to form a relationship.

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