Sean McNamara to Direct ‘Will to Win’ Next

Image Credit: Movie Roar/YouTube

Sean McNamara is all set to helm the sports drama ‘Will to Win.’ The movie’s principal photography is scheduled to take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, between June 10 and July 12. The film is based on the book ‘Will to Win: A Tale of Humor and Perspective from Will Rogers High School’ by Jim Stovall, adapted for the screen by Aaron Fulkerson.

The narrative centers on Sky Forest, who faces a devastating blow when the softball program at Will Rogers High is cut. She is driven to honor her promise of securing a college scholarship by winning a championship, which she made to her late Cherokee parents. Sky’s last hope lies in pitching for the boys’ baseball team, but the school superintendent stands in her way, attempting to sabotage her chances at every turn. Undeterred, Sky taps into her vivid imagination, summoning the spirit of Will Rogers himself for guidance. With his wisdom and humor, Sky embarks on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the inner strength and resilience needed to pursue her dreams against all odds.

Known for his work on ‘Soul Surfer,’ ‘Even Stevens,’ and ‘Spare Parts,’ McNamara has recently completed work on his biopic, ‘Reagan.’ Starring Dennis Quaid, Penelope Anne Miller, and Jon Voight, the drama is based on the life of Ronald Reagan from his childhood to his Hollywood years and his time in the Oval Office. The movie will be released in theaters on August 30, 2024.

McNamara has a batch of projects at various stages of development that we are likely to see in the coming years. ‘On Fire’ is the biographical story of a boy recovering from a terrible accident that has left him with burns, with the help of his family, community, and faith. The family TV series ‘Shadrach’ tells the story of a family moving to the countryside and having their life changed by a horse. The filmmaker is also reported to direct ‘Cedar Pass Aka Fools Gold,’ ‘Six Bullets to White Rock,’ ‘Trinity,’ ‘Absolute Surrender,’ ‘Romeo Killed Juliet,’ ‘Young Santa,’ ‘Home,’ ‘Silent Knights,’ and ‘Creature.’

‘Will to Win’ is being produced by Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions, with Mark Heidelberger, Andy Kinslow, and Russ Kirkpatrick serving as producers. Jhane Myers, Elizabeth Warren, and Terri Cornett are executive producers. The project marks the screenwriting debut of Fulkerson, who has worked as a composer on ‘Unlikely Family’ and ‘Bumping Off Burt.’

Sprawling along the Arkansas River, Tulsa is often called the world’s largest small town and is home to a range of urban landscapes that cropped up after the city’s 20th-century oil boom. It is home to recent productions like Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Tulsa King,’ Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ the Native American teen show ‘Reservation Dogs,’ and ‘Sick Girl.’

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