Willow Episode 6 Recap: Prisoners of Skellin

‘Willow’ is based on and sequel to the 1988 fantasy film of the same name. The plot is set 17 years (200 moons) after the events of the original film. When the series begins, Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) has been missing for about ten years. After his and Sorsha’s son, Airk (Dempsey Bryk), is abducted by the forces of the evil entity known as the Crown, Airk’s sister Kit (Ruby Cruz) sets out on a quest to rescue him and perhaps find out what happened to her father in the process. In episode 6, titled ‘Prisoners of Skellin,’ Kit encounters an old friend of her father. Airk discovers that he can’t escape from wherever he is. Elora continues to struggle to gain control over her magic. Here is what you need to know about the ending of ‘Willow’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Willow Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with Airk in the abandoned city. He hears the Crone’s voice urging him to join her. As he is a sensible young man, Airk decides to walk the other way and leave the city. Meanwhile, Willow (Warwick Davis) and Kit are brought to the Dread Mines of Skellin by the trolls, the stronghold of their kind, where they meet a man who introduces himself as Madmartigan, much to the confusion of both Willow and Kit. Soon, Sarris, the head administrator at Skellin and the leader among the trolls, arrives with his brother, Falken. Eloquent and vicious in equal measure, he makes it quite clear to Kit and Willow that they will spend the rest of their lives in the mines. Even Kit revealing the truth about herself doesn’t help.

However, that makes the third prisoner recognize who Willow and Kit really are. Willow figures out that this man is Allagash (Christian Slater), one of Madmartigan’s closest friends. Kit remembers him from her father’s stories, where Madmartigan stated that Allagash is even dumber than him. Meanwhile, Jade, Boorman, Elora, and Scorpia enter the mines to look for Willow and Kit. Elora is far from gaining any semblance of control over her magic. Her sudden outburst of power causes the ground to shake. After learning that the trolls keep beings from other races as captives and slaves, Scorpia decides to free them. She part ways with both Boorman and Jade, reminding the latter that she has a real family now. After the quest is over, Scorpia asks Jade to come and live with the Reavers.

Both groups look for the Kymerian Cuirass, which the legendary Nelwyn adventurer Wiggleheim found. After his death, it was placed in his tomb. Madmartigan originally came to Skellin looking for the Cuirass, hoping it would be enough to stop the coming darkness. Allagash leads Willow and Kit to the tomb, claiming that Madmartigan is on the other side. When he and Boorman meet for the first time after all these years, almost predictably, they start fighting, blaming each other for what happened and calling each other traitors. Although Kit has figured out that Allagash did indeed betray her father, she still holds Boorman responsible because he was Madmartigan’s squire, and he left him behind.

Willow Episode 6 Ending: Who Is the Girl Airk Meets in the Abandoned City?

After leaving the abandoned city, Airk must have walked for miles, only to discover that he is back where he started. Tired and thirsty, he ends up drinking the same yellowish substance that Elora, Boorman, and the others see in Skellin. According to Boorman, the trolls use their slaves and captives to make the substance, which makes the trolls stronger and faster. Sarris calls it the elixir and reveals that it was the Crone who taught them how to make it. It’s the same substance leaking out of Ballantine, his men, and Graydon when they were possessed.

Given that Airk begins to see and hear this woman only after he drinks the substance, it’s safe to assume that she is somehow connected to the Crone, if not the Crone herself. Although the episode doesn’t provide her name, the credits seem to identify her as Lili, portrayed by Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, known for playing Tyene Sand in ‘Game of Thrones.’

Will Kit Die?

The heroes solve the riddles posed by the disembodied voice of Wiggleheim before gaining access to the tomb. Boorman and Allagash start fighting over the Cuirass while Kit rushes in to find her father’s sword. However, Madmartigan isn’t there and seems to have moved further down into the depths of the troll city.

When Allagash disappears with the Cuirass, the others believe he has betrayed them. However, he returns when they are about to be attacked by the trolls, complaining about how the Cuirass isn’t working for him. He gives the Cuirass to Boorman, closes the door behind Kit and the others after they leave, and tells Kit that her father would have wanted her to watch over Elora before sacrificing himself for the Chosen One and his friend’s daughter.

When the group reaches the base of the troll city, they discover that Elora’s magic has accidentally liquified the ground. Kit confronts Elora, demanding to know why Madmartigan always chose her over his own daughter before the ground breaks under her feet because of the falling debris, and she falls into the liquid abyss below. Before she can swim back up, the crack closes. Although everyone tries to reopen the crack, their efforts fail.

Kit is one of the main characters in the show. She will most likely not die here. Elora’s magic often works when she is deeply emotional. As she now possesses Cherlindrea’s wand, she definitely has the potential to save Kit, which she probably will.

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