Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

The sixth episode of ‘Yellowstone‘ season 4 finally digs deep into the conflict between Lloyd and Walker while addressing the tension at the bunkhouse. In the process, the ranchers learn important lessons, old rules are reinstated, and John once again signs off with his signature charisma and old man wisdom.

Elsewhere, the impending confrontation between Jamie and his biological father, Garrett, takes place and culminates in a shocking heel turn. Here’s everything that happens in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 6, with some insights about that gritty Western ending! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6, called ‘I Want to Be Him,’ opens with Jimmy learning the trade bit by bit at the Four Sixes Ranch. At the Broken Rock Reservation, a young girl finds out that someone has stolen her family’s horses. Chief Rainwater enlists Kayce’s help in locating the horses. Beth arrives at John’s cabin to find Summer there. Assuming Summer is an intruder, Beth threatens her only for John to enter and reveal that they spent the night together. Beth joins Summer and John for breakfast but ends up intimidating Summer.

Kayce and Monica finalize the deal for their new house and begin unpacking. John drives Summer towards the town. However, John stops on the way to take care of a calf separated from the herd. Through the incident, Summer sees a tiny portion of John’s perspective. She leaves on her own while John gets back to work at the ranch. Meanwhile, Jamie holds Garrett at gunpoint and demands an explanation about the attacks on the Duttons.

Lloyd spends time with Carter instead of staying at the bunkhouse. However, when the seniormost ranch hand returns to the bunkhouse, he sees Walker getting along with the rest of the ranch hands. Infuriated, he destroys Walker’s guitar, and the two engage in a verbal spat. Lloyd throws a knife at Walker, which hits him near the heart. Mia decides to leave the bunkhouse and hit the road. A doctor tends to Walker’s wounds while Rip and John contemplate how to diffuse the situation at the bunkhouse. John tells Rip to let the men fight it out and make an example out of the last man standing.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 Ending: Does John Kick Out Lloyd and Walker?

Towards the end, John rectifies his past mistake by having the no girls in the bunkhouse rule reinstated. Rip asks Teeter and Laramie to leave the bunkhouse and learns that Mia is already gone. It seems like John is also planning on kicking out one of Lloyd and Walker. The two men fight it out, and both end up pretty exhausted. Lloyd, whose bad temperament started the whole conflict, ends up being the last man standing. Rip is forced to beat Lloyd once again. It serves as an example to anyone who thinks of breaking the ranch’s rules.

However, in the end, John does not kick out either Lloyd or Walker. Instead, their fight helps the men take out their dislike for each other. The fighting serves as a way of communication for the two men who end up reaching an understanding. It is a bold move on John’s part, which once again proves why he is such a seasoned rancher while giving the viewers a classic Western beatdown to enjoy. John’s wisdom leaves a mark on young Carter, who wishes to grow up to be like the Dutton patriarch.

Why Did Garett Order the Hit on the Duttons?

In the episode, one patriarch believes in handling things with transparency, the other resorts to manipulation. During the confrontation with Jamie, Garrett explains his reasons behind ordering the hit on the Duttons. he vehemently denies Jamie’s claims that the Duttons are his real family and emphasizes they never were. Jamie’s father insists that morals are merely a means to an end, just like Jamie was to John. Garrett’s point of view is that the Duttons wronged and mistreated Jamie, and he is right to have tried to kill them because he did it out of love for Jamie.

Listening to Garrett’s answer, Jamie breaks down in tears and embraces his father. It appears that Jamie has sided with Garrett, who, despite claiming to act out of love for Jamie, has a secret agenda of his own. He has successfully managed to manipulate Jamie and is projecting his feelings of hatred for John on his son. On the other hand, Jamie has never experienced someone going as far as committing murder for his sake and perceives it as his father’s love.

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