1883 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

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1883‘ episode 9 sees the journey of the Dutton family reaching a major point. In the episode, the caravan is forced to improvise in a problematic situation that could have dangerous consequences for everyone. As the group continues their journey, they are forced to halt near a Native American camp after a few immigrants get injured.

What follows is a harrowing experience that tests the group’s resolve and demands every bit of conviction within them. If you are wondering how the Duttons and their companions outmaneuver a difficult situation and what it costs them, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘1883’ episode 9! SPOILERS AHEAD!

1883 Episode 9 Recap

The ninth episode of the series, titled ‘Racing Clouds,’ continues the caravan’s journey on the Oregon Trail. The group is forced to stop on the road when a snake bites Risa’s horse. She falls from the horse and is gravely injured. Josef comes to check on her, but the snake also bites him. The situation causes panic among the group, and Colton intervenes to calm them down. He smashes the snake and sucks the blood out of Josef’s foot. While the immigrants tend to Josef and Risa, the caravan is faced with another problem.

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At the head of the caravan, Shea, James, and Thomas come across a Native American camp that bandits have burned down. The Native Americans have been brutally murdered, and their horses have been stolen. James suspects that it is the work of some horse thieves. Shea is concerned that the family members of the dead folks will arrive at the spot in search of revenge. Since the caravan’s tracks co-inside with those of the thieves, the group is likely to become the target of the Native American tribe’s wrath. Hence, James decides to find the thieves and kill them as revenge on behalf of the Native Americans.

James instructs the caravan members to remain at the spot and heads out in search of the horse thieves with Shea and Thomas. Cookie arrives and convinces everyone that waiting at the site is dangerous. He implores everyone to head to Fort Caspar, the nearest army check post, as soon as possible. While Margaret tries to stop everyone for the sake of their safety, she reluctantly agrees to follow them. However, the caravan is intercepted by the Native Americans, who open an attack on them. The group is forced to fight back to survive while James’ unit deals with the horse thieves. James, Shea, and Thomas kill the horse thieves only to realize that the wagon camp is in danger.

1883 Episode 9 Ending: How Does Elsa Stop The Native Americans? Will Elsa Survive?

In the episode’s final act, the Native Americans attack the caravan. On the road to their camp, the native Americans find the tracks of the caravan and follow them. They believe that the tracks belong to the horse thieves who killed their family members. Therefore, the Native Americans are in no mood for negotiation and open an attack as soon as they spot the caravan. As the Native Americans charge at the wagoners, Elsa is close to them. The caravan barricades itself with their wagons and prepares to fight back. Elsa diverts some of the Native Americans charging at the wagons so that the others have a chance of surviving.

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However, Elsa gets knocked off her horse and collapses. When Elsa regains her senses, she tries to fight back but gets in a verbal altercation with the tribe’s leader. She explains that the group did not kill the tribe’s people. Elsa speaks the few lines Sam had taught her in his tribe’s language. Thus, Elsa earns the tribe leader’s trust and proves that she is telling the truth. Moreover, the tribe leader is impressed by Elsa’s tenacity and spares the group. The fight ends, and the wagoners prepare to continue their journey towards Fort Caspar.

However, much to everyone’s concern, Elsa has been stabbed by an arrow that is passed through her body. Wade and Margaret try to treat the wound, but it has become infected. James reunites with his family and quickly realizes that Elsa’s days are numbered. The episode ends with the group resuming their journey, but uncertainty looms over Elsa’s fate. No one, including Elsa, believes that she can survive. Although Elsa has survived against all odds time and again, it seems that she will soon succumb to her injuries and perish. Ultimately, Elsa’s death could serve as the motivation that leads the Duttons to change their destination from Oregon to Montana.

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