Has Alexandra Jarvis Really Left the Oppenheim Group? Why?

While it’s no secret attorney turned realtor Alexandra Jarvis didn’t really have a close connection with any of her co-workers at The Oppenheim Group in the last year, it was still messy for her. That’s because, as explored in Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC,’ there was serious drama that transpired amongst others, which could’ve made her recall the things to have happened to her in the past. It thus appears as if she has taken a step back from this entire profession and parted ways from the aforementioned brokerage – instead, she seems to be focusing on her life as a family woman.

Alexandra Jarvis Left Because of Toxicity

Although it was Alex Hall as well as Polly Brindle that Alexandra most clashed with between November 2021 and March 2022 while working/filming for season 1, it completely changed in season 2. Unexpectedly, her once-friend Alexandra Rose became her villain in the following year since she’d apparently made some rude remarks regarding her relationship with her then-fiance (now-husband). Then came additional fights among several other duos – including her friend Ali Harper and Alex Hall – driving her to decide it was high time for her to say goodbye to the Oppenheim Group for good.

Brokerage Co-Founder/President Jason Oppenheim actually confirmed the same in late April 2024, roughly a week before season 3’s premiere on May 3, 2024 – leaving many utterly shocked. In a candid interview, he simply told People, “I don’t want to speak for [Alexandra] Jarvis, but … she decided to do what’s best for her, and I have a lot of respect for that. … We’re still on good terms.” It was only after this, on April 29, that she herself came forward to reveal the reasons behind this drastic choice as well as what she could possibly be doing moving forward in more ways than one.

“There were a lot of factors that went into my decision,” 33-year-old Alexandra said to People prior to making it clear that the company’s “toxic culture” was one of the most significant ones. She then added, “I don’t really think anyone was surprised by [my depart ure several months ago]. I don’t really know what to say about it other than I just know when it’s time to leave a party.” As for what she may be investing all her time and focus into now; well, that appears to be additional television as well as film roles, influencing/modeling, her former profession as an attorney, plus her life as a wife.

After all, Alexandra happily tied the knot with self-made fin-tech millionaire/SlipCash CEO Sergio Ducoulombier on April 14, 2023, at the iconic Villa del Balbianello overlooking Lake Como, Italy. Back then, this world traveler candidly divulged, “We wanted to have a very intimate and romantic wedding day without all the traditional expectations around us. So we decided, let’s the two of us go to Italy. We’ve been before, and it’s actually where I told him I loved him. He had already told me he loved me, but I held back for a little while. It’s a special place for us.” Therefore, of course, her commitment to him matters a lot to her too.

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