Has Tyler Stanaland Left The Oppenheim Group?

Since Tyler Stanaland is a fifth-generation realtor who stepped into the world of the Oppenheim Group following a decade of experience with his family’s brokerage, there have always been a lot of expectations for him. However, more than these expectations, there have been doubts over whether he is actually hard-working or gets handed everything on a silver platter – which is why he wanted to work independently for a while in the first place. But alas, it didn’t pan out for him in the way he wanted, yet in a completely different way – his business was booming, but his personal life was being compromised.

Tyler Left the Oppenheim Group in October 2023

Despite the fact Tyler achieved a lot professionally during his stint in The Oppenheim Group, his personal life sadly crumbled apart – he got divorced, he couldn’t get with Alex Hall, and then he found drama with Sean Palmieri. The truth is the latter was the one that arguably disturbed him the most, especially since they once used to be friends, and then he started attacking him in ways the former could only describe as stalker-ish and psychopathic. There were lies, rumors, manipulative screenshots, and much more; the fact he’d tried targeting fellow co-worker Austin and his wife Lisa also didn’t sit well with him.

Therefore, in October 2023, Tyler announced his departure from the Oppenheim Group and revealed that he was returning to work alongside his father and brother at the rival Douglas Elliman firm. “It wasn’t an easy decision, but it is the right decision for me and my clients,” the 34-year-old told People back then. “Not only am I joining my dad and brother at Douglas Elliman, I’m aligning with a brand that has unparalleled reach and presence in the market with a renowned network of agents and industry leaders.”

The truth is Tyler’s family business, the Stanaland Brokerage, had merged with Douglas Elliman in January, so he was even more excited to jump ship as new experiences could only mean good things for him. The fact this shift has seemingly granted him more freedom is also a massive plus point for him, especially since he can now pursue his hobbies of world traveling and surfing even more. This is actually evidenced by the fact that he recently visited Mexico, Colorado, France, and many more beautiful spots in California.

Coming to Tyler’s connection with Sean, Alex, and Austin, while he doesn’t seem to be in touch with the former two anymore, he still appears to be great friends with Austin. With Alex, in particular, it’s likely that the romantic back and forth between them regarding whether they’d ever actually get the timing right to get involved became too much for him, so he chose to move on. It has actually been revealed that he blocked her on social media to do so; she confirmed the same during the reunion episode of ‘Selling Sunset’ season 7. She said he basically “excommunicated” her from his life, but she doesn’t think it’s fair or valid, stating “I would like to know what happened.”

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