Selling the OC: Are Tyler and Sean Friends?

While there’s no denying Tyler Stanaland is a fan favorite of Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC,’ Sean Palmieri has arguably taken the title of most disliked following season 3, considering all the drama. The fact he has had issues with Polly Brindle in the past after being really close friends and also freely takes on Austin Victoria as well as his family in this installment doesn’t help him either. However, if we’re being honest, it was the former’s heated reaction to his alleged actions that intrigued and shocked us most, especially the harsh choice of words used to make a clear point.

Tyler and Sean Have Really Butted Heads

Although it’s true that Tyler used to be great friends with Sean after they first joined the Oppenheim Group in 2021, the former ultimately began distancing himself upon noticing some negatives. He never really spoke on these aspects in public or discussed the same with the latter since he believed they were both mature enough to simply close the chapter and move on, but apparently not. Their feud actually truly began when the marketing expert indicated in front of everyone that this generational realtor got all his deals handed to him from his father, only for the former to reply.

Without hesitating for even a moment, Tyler stated this viewpoint was rat her high coming from someone who hadn’t sold a single property despite having formally held his license for two years. This was followed by dig after dig between the two until Sean decided to leave as a way to de-escalate the situation, just to approach him again later when they were all out at a bar in San Diego. He initially tried to sincerely apologize, yet his once-friend wasn’t having it because he’d already pushed that button a few too many times in the past, and he was definitely not okay with it anymore.

Sean then directly asked Tyler what happened between them since they did have a good friendship as well as a working relationship brewing in the past, only for him to then “act as if I don’t exist.” The latter candidly replied, “First and foremost, I didn’t just bail. It was a line with you, but as time went on, I saw character traits that I didn’t want to be aligned with. You come at me with these weird f**king jabs, and I’m not into it.” This is when the former got defensive, so instead of letting things go, he insinuated the latter had a terrible tendency to dismiss people at the first misunderstanding.

Tyler then defended his honor and made it clear that although he would continue being a respectful co-worker to Sean, he had no interest in ever aligning together before walking away for good. Then came the latter’s drama with Austin Victoria, wherein he claimed their fellow co-worker and his wife had once propositioned him following a dinner at their home, which the father of two categorically denied. They actually nearly got physical because he’d involved Austin’s growing young family in it, after which the office was truly divided into who to believe, that is, until the Del Mar 2023 Derby.

That’s because Sean really lost control at this office outing — he’d already sent a few ominous texts to Tyler, which the latter had chosen to largely ignore, but then the former sought him out again. Tyler was already suspicious of his once-friend being “psychotic” and “unstable” enough to go to some dark extremes, yet he never expected him to bring up the past and try to make connections out of nothing. The fact Sean alluded he was inappropriate for sending gifts to his home, texting heart emojis, and saying “love you” when they were friends was weird to him, but it went too far when he also made comments on his ex-wife, love life, and other personal aspects, so Tyler left the situation again.

Tyler and Sean Aren’t in Touch Anymore

When Tyler and Sean parted ways in ‘Selling the OC,’ the latter remarked he wished it didn’t have to end like this, but his once-friend had no reaction because he was just done with it all. It thus comes as no surprise this duo isn’t even in touch anymore, especially as they’ve both also since left the Oppenheim Group – the former did so in October, whereas the latter did in November.

As for their individual current standings, while Tyler is now associated with Douglas Elliman alongside his father and brother, Sean appears to be splitting his time between Los Angeles and Miami. They’re both travel enthusiasts too, yet the former professional surfer currently prefers to find either waves or mountains, whereas the latter appears to be undertaking all kinds of different adventures.

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