10 Sexiest Angelina Jolie Scenes, Ranked

Angelina Jolie has had her fair share of praise as both an actress and a beauty. I believe she is one of the most attractive women to ever have graced the silver screen, and there are quite a lot of people who share this view of mine. Her career is one of interest, with her taking on a diverse set of roles in films traversing genres including sci-fi, drama, comedy, action, and several others. A good number of her movies are widely considered erotic, having her boost a sense of sensuality in them with her looks and talents. The list includes some of the most steamiest scenes she has done. While there are several movies where you can find Angelina Jolie nude or sexy, this list mostly deals with movies where she was her sensual best. So, if you are looking for hottest naked Angelina Jolie pics or her topless photos, you might have to look somewhere else.


10. Pushing Tin (1999)

I’ve tried watching ‘Pushing Tin’ a couple of times, but I’ve never really got through the whole thing. Maybe it isn’t my kind of film, but whatever be the case, I can vouch for Jolie looking absolutely dazzling here. The particular scene that I’m referring to has her in bed with John Cusack, barely covering her upper body with a bra. Both parties have cheated on their respective spouses by having sex with each other, and leave the room the following morning after some bickering.

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9. Foxfire (1996)

In this iconic scene from ‘Foxfire’, Angeline Jolie goes topless in order to tattoo a flame on her upper breast. She then continues to do the same on a classmate of her’s after she removes her top, along with everyone else in their “clan”. The flame is tattooed onto their bodies as a sign of rebellion against a teacher in their school who had physically harassed each one of them. I don’t particularly enjoy this film, though I do think it has some interesting ideas. If only it had gone about them in a more nuanced way, I might’ve ended up having a closer connection to the story.

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8. By the Sea (2015)

Jolie lies in the bathtub in this scene from ‘By the Sea’, a film she directed herself. Brad Pitt’s character comes over to her, and amidst his short emotional speech, he touches her all over, and she begins to moan. They kiss, and then he proceeds to get into the bathtub, quite evidently to have sex with her, though this part of the segment is not given much importance. Jolie’s vision as a filmmaker is well realised in this scene, which is perfectly paced and has a seductive aura all around it.

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7. Hell’s Kitchen (1998)

A guy rips open Angelina Jolie’s buttoned jacket as she asks him, in a demanding way, whether he thinks she isn’t good enough for him. There’s something sexy about the heated anger that envelops this little moment, as the guy goes about feeling her body, and she spews out words signalling a desire to “be f*cked”. Jolie has on a black bra in this scene that reveals more than it should, and there’s a lot of movement to be noted here as well. It’s pretty intense, and I think her performance is worth admiring.

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6. Cyborg 2 (1993)

In Angelina Jolie’s debut starring role, she has a passionate sex scene that plays to the music of a soft piano background. It’s funny that such a relaxing scene with sedative merits is included in this violent sci-fi fantasy feature, but it is, and due to that contrast, I believe it comes off a lot more effective. It’s not very long, and it isn’t too explicit, but it has a tendency to sexually arouse with its mood and setting, as well as the beautiful players who happen to be making love on screen.

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5. Mojave Moon (1996)

If there’s anything to take home from ‘Mojave Moon’, it’s this one scene where Angelina Jolie takes a bath. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the film is bad – it’s enjoyable and above average for sure, but it isn’t very memorable. A man interested in Jolie’s character’s mother walks in on her taking a bath, at which point she asks him to hand her the shampoo. Awkward as it is, her mother arrives outside at just about that moment, and the man blankly moves about unsure of what he has seen and what he is to do now.

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4. Gia (1998)

‘Gia’ is my favourite of all of Jolie’s films. It tells of the strange, wild, and disastrous life of supermodel Gia Carangi, and staying true to real events, there are quite a couple of dashing sex scenes in this film, the best of which would, in my opinion, be the now-infamous one between Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell. The soundtrack to this film is extremely seductive as well, and is used very effectively here. The strong close-ups and soft camera pans aid in, well, “showing more”, to keep it brief.

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3. Taking Lives (2004)

Possibly the most popular sex scene Angelina Jolie ever did in her career, this one from ‘Taking Lives’ sees her and Ethan Hawke start off slowly by parting her top to reveal her nude upper body, following which they do it by the wall, on the table (after Hawke clears it with the slide of a hand), and finally on the bed. I love the energy of this scene, and there’s this dark undertone to it all that elevates its beauty. It feels quite passionate, and though there are bits that come off as forced, it mostly looks realistic.

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2. Gia (1998)

This scene in ‘Gia’ is one of the greatest Angelina Jolie has ever done in her career. Posing for a nude photoshoot that her character volunteered to take part in, Jolie stands behind a caged set, running about it for different pictures, sometimes pressing herself quite closely to the bars of the cage. Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, a make-up artist, is turned on upon seeing this, and removes her clothes in order to pose with Jolie on the other side of the make-shift barricade. This truly is an amazing scene, and I love the switch it does between colour and black and white.

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1. Original Sin (2001)

In what could very well be the best sex scene ever shot in film history, Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie make love under the keen eye of a slow revolving camera, changing positions and clutching onto each other throughout. It’s indescribably hot, and the grand medieval music only makes it better. The film has many other such scenes, but this particular bit steals the show for me. In an otherwise largely forgettable erotic thriller, I found this scene to be sexier than anything else Jolie had ever done in her career.

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