Are Dated and Related’s Nina and Daniel Still Together?

As a reality dating series that centers around a group of sibling pairs as they help one another search for their (hopefully) forever partners, Netflix’s ‘Dated and Related‘ is truly unlike any other. However, the truth is despite the awkwardness that comes into play with the involvement of family members, the production manages to maintain the chaotic charm intrinsic to this popular genre. The prime example of this is the way Nina Parsijani and Daniel Perfetto found a spark — so now, if you wish to learn about their romance as well as their current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Nina and Daniel’s Dated and Related Journey

While Nina stepped foot into the luxurious South of France villa to start her quest alongside her twin Diana right at the very beginning, Daniel came in with his younger sister Julia in episode 3. The 29-year-old jewelry specialist from London was already involved with Kieran Bishop by this point, meaning the 25-year-old Canadian client care specialist didn’t even consider her originally. Not only did he not want to step on any toes, but his initial attraction was also largely toward 23-year-old Seattle music teacher Corrina Roppo, driving him to pursue her until things fizzled out.

It was actually just when Nina and Kieran parted ways following a lot of drama involving their own issues, Alara Taneri, as well as Will Wade, that Daniel realized he felt a connection with her. He thus had an honest conversation with Corrina to let her know his feelings before his sister perfectly played wingwoman to allow him and Nina to move forward from mere flirty eye contact. As if that’s not enough, Daniel even spoke with Kieran in the most respectful manner to clear the air, making every external aspect fall into place for their foundation to be as strong as possible.

If we’re being honest, Nina and Daniel seemed like an ideal couple with the way they gave each other space, were understanding, and had open exchanges — they just let things flow naturally. The fact they didn’t put a lot of pressure on their blossoming relationship despite the fact it was their second (likely last) chance to find love in the villa also made their mutual respect undeniable. Therefore, by staying true to their emotions rather than focusing on the $100,000 grand prize or any other aspect for that matter, they found romance in the person they never saw coming.

Are Nina and Daniel Still Together?

Nina was genuinely concerned over the fact they live worlds apart towards the end of their beautiful journey, yet Daniel managed to ease her worries a little by putting everything on the table. He admitted that since he’s actually falling in love, he’ll find a way to either make his way to London for her or make long-distance work — a comment that melted her (and our!) heart. “Who needs a 100 grand when I have this babe right here,” Daniel cheekily said when the final results came out (Kaz and Diana won), reiterating his previous sentiments to make it clear they were all in.

Therefore, we’re delighted to report that Nina and Daniel are still, at least, on excellent terms at the moment. Neither the London-based public figure nor the Ontario-based fitness buff has made their relationship status clear as of writing, yet not only do they follow one another on Instagram, but they also stay in touch through likes and comments, as seen above. It’s hence our optimistic belief that they are putting in the hard work for long-distance, facing each challenge as it comes, and are likely still happily together.

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