Emily and Harrison: Is the Love Island USA Duo Still Dating?

Based on the eponymous British series, Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ is a dating reality show that has seen many of the participants find their true love, though the path to the same is far from simple. In season 5 of the series, which premiered quite recently, one of the most noticeable couples was Emily Chavez and Harrison Hans Luna, who piqued the fans’ curiosity despite their short on-screen romance. But did their relationship continue after their exist from the show? Well, we are here to explore the same!

Emily and Harrison’s Love Island USA Journey

After entering the Peacock series on Day 4, Harrison Hans Luna found himself gravitating towards Destiny Davis and coupled with her in the next recoupling ceremony. The bond between the two earned the admiration of the viewers, who could not help but gush over the sweet talk that often took place between this couple. However, the romantic magic seemed to start fizzling out soon, and Harrison began to want more of a physical connection and expressed that he was ready for something more.

Hence, the entry of Emily Chavez on Day 10 was undoubtedly an incredible coincidence. The lady in question was initially interested in Marco Donatelli, Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, and Harrison. However, it was not long before she had to decide on whom she wanted to pair up with, and she decided to go with Harrison, who did seem happy about the development, though he did try not to be too ecstatic to avoid hurting Destiny, whom he had been coupled with until that point.

After Harrison and Emily became a couple, they started to get to know each other better, though some of the cast members found it odd how easily he had moved on from Destiny, especially given his affection towards her. Now seemingly wholly dedicated to each other, Emily and Harrison seemed to enjoy their time together. That being said, the former was unhappy when, during the “Face the Facts” game, it was revealed that many of the cast members and viewers felt she was dating someone out of her league, though she attributed to her partner’s apparently obvious attractiveness.

On Day 15, four men and women were declared vulnerable based on the votes cast by the audience. It was left up to the safe participants to eliminate one person, with the girls choosing one guy and vice versa. Ultimately, Harrison and Emily were voted out, upsetting many of the cast members. That being said, many took solace in the fact that both of them would be leaving each other, and no one would be heartbroken over getting separated from their partner.

Emily and Harrison Seemingly Not in a Relationship

Since their exit from the show, Emily Chavez and Harrison Hans Luna have yet to share any updates regarding the continuation of their relationship. Given the fact that the former hails from Houston, Texas, while the latter is based in Adelaide, Australia, the two certainly have a lot of distance to cover if they want to make their partnership work. Though, after they were voted out, both participants seemed excited about possibly remaining in touch.

In fact, Harrison revealed on the show that he had plans of soon visiting Miami, Florida. As such, he will apparently stay in the USA for around two and a half months and hopefully catch up with Emily while there. The lady in question also seemed happy that she was at least leaving alongside Harrison and seemed open to continuing their connection outside the show. That being said, the reality TV stars and their fans were upset that this romance did not get more time to flourish on the show. Overall, Harrison and Luna are seemingly not in a committed relationship presently but are certainly open to seeing where things might go.

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