Are Nick and Rachel From The Circle Together or Dating?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a reality competition series that never fails to throw us one curveball after another. Thus, season 3 of this incredibly entertaining production is bigger and more dramatic than ever before. In a popularity contest where the players are not allowed to interact outside of a specially designed titular app, catfishes and miscommunications appear imperative. However, as we’ve now seen with Rachel, a.k.a Jackson, it can sometimes backfire and misdirect very strong connections. So now, let’s dig into what’s going on between her and Nick, shall we?

Nick and Rachel’s The Circle Journey

Nick Uhlenhuth joined ‘The Circle’ season 3 from its very first episode. In comparison, Rachel Ward joined in episode 3, as her best friend’s boyfriend, Jackson, alongside Sophia Layne, who entered as her older sister Isabella. In the introduction, Nick said there was only a 5% chance he wouldn’t win, and that’s if he met a “dime” and threw away his strategy, which, we’ll be honest, he almost did. The funny thing is that Nick did this with Isabella, playing into Sophia’s plan of pretending to be straight and single despite the fact that she’s not. All the while, Rachel also got drawn into him.

Unfortunately, since Rachel was playing as Jackson, she couldn’t do much except stare at her screen and wish she and Nick could flirt up a storm as well. However, they did build a good rapport quickly, with Nick managing to include Rachel/Jackson in everything, whether it was the guys-only “Wolf Pack” chat or “The Band.” Meanwhile, Nick’s bond with “Isabella” also kept growing. But because Rachel couldn’t deny her attraction to Nick or that they were indeed in a strong alliance, she went to see him once she got blocked.

Almost as soon as Nick and Rachel came face to face, and he got over the surprise of her real identity, sparks flew between them. He was polite and admitted that he was in a flirtationship with “Isabella,” yet he reciprocated and even started a couple of bantering conversations with Rachel. This duo could not stop smiling the entire time they were together, and towards the end, Nick said, “We’ll definitely hang out after this whole thing,” to which she responded, “We have to hang out…we can see each other.”

Are Nick and Rachel Together?

As Nick’s time in ‘The Circle’ went on, his relationship with Sophia/Isabella also proceeded. The “Circle Official” couple ended up discussing going on a date as well, which the latter felt particularly bad about since it wouldn’t ever happen. They knew that it was a game, and they’re both still on good terms, evidenced by their social media profiles, so everything worked out in the end. After all, this gave Nick and Rachel a real shot to explore their connection, which they seem to have taken advantage of.

We can say this for sure because their Instagram accounts are filled with flirty comments, making it clear that if they are not in a relationship, at the very least, they are great friends. On a couple of Nick’s relatively recent posts in September 2021, Rachel commented, “Hot” and “WOAH🔥,” to which he replied, “👀” and “😉,” respectively. But more importantly, on one of Rachel’s posts, he unabashedly typed, “oh she bad 🔥,” and she countered with three heart-eye emojis. You can see another such interaction above. Nick is based in Austin, Texas, whereas Rachel resides in Los Angeles, California, yet long-distance is not impossible. But only time will tell where it leads these two.

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