Amy Adams’ ‘At the Sea’ to Shoot in Boston in June

The filming of Amy Adams-starrer ‘At the Sea’ will start in Boston, Massachusetts, in June. Kornel Mundruczó is directing the drama film based on a screenplay by his wife, Kata Wéber.

The movie revolves around Laura, who arrives at her family’s beach holiday home after a lengthy rehabilitation. As she spends time with her family members, Laura has to undergo substantial readjustments to her new, quiet life. She faces difficulties in doing so, as her former career and fame were the foundations upon which she had built her identity.

Six-time Academy Award-nominee Adams will lead the film by donning the garb of Laura. Adams is a prolific actress whose latest releases include ‘Disenchanted,’ ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ and ‘The Woman in the Window.’ She recently completed shooting Oscar-winner Taika Waititi’s ‘Klara and the Sun,’ a film adaptation of the dystopian sci-fi novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Her upcoming projects include Searchlight Pictures’ ‘Nightbitch’ from filmmaker Marielle Heller, Paul Rudd-starrer ‘The Invite,’ and Jess Kimball Leslie’s ‘Kings of America,’ a drama miniseries revolving around three powerful women and Walmart.

Mundruczó and Wéber rose to fame with their 2020 pregnancy drama ‘Pieces of a Woman,’ for which Vanessa Kirby received an Oscar nomination. The pair is also behind the acclaimed poignant dramas ‘White God’ and ‘Jupiter’s Moon.’ They are currently working on two upcoming projects. The first is a TV series, ‘Everybody’s Woman,’ which centers on a porn actress taking back power through the digital era of entertainment. The second is Blake Lively-starrer ‘Proxy,’ which will introduce us to a woman who wakes up after a medical procedure to find herself in a bio-synthetic body.

Mundruczó is also set to direct a biographical drama, ‘Joseph Merrick,’ based on the Elephant Man, and ‘If Not Now, When?’ which will chronicle stories of war and change based on Primo Levi’s eponymous book. Mundruczó and Wéber often take up minor roles in their productions and can be seen in a few scenes. The Hungarian writer-director duo has created widely acclaimed works narrating touching tales that skirt social and political issues. We can reasonably expect an emotionally driven and poignant drama with ‘At the Sea.’

Boston is hosting the shooting of a few projects within its borders. The second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off show, ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ is currently shooting in the coastal city. ‘Hello Beautiful,’ ‘Sorry Baby,’ ‘Mooch,’ ‘Blue Hawaii,’ and ‘The Greatest Ever’ are some projects that recently wrapped production in the region.

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