Who Killed Bae Jong-Su in Goodbye Earth? [Spoiler]

The Korean drama thriller show ‘Goodbye Earth’ follows the story of people in Woongchun City who await the inevitable destruction of life as an asteroid makes its way to Earth. Middle school teacher-turned-city-hall volunteer Jin Se-kyung helms the narrative as even the end of the world doesn’t stop her from caring for the local kids and their safety. However, Se-kyung’s best efforts end up failing when the increase in crime results in some students’ abduction at the hands of a jailbreak criminal, Bae Jong-su. Consequently, once news spreads about Jong-su’s return to the city, the man invites a natural, if highly risky, target on his back. Thus, as the first episode finds Jong-su dead without a clear indication of his killer, fans are bound to grow curious about the same. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Bae Jong-su and His Mysterious Murder

Shortly after the Woongchun population learns about the Asteriod’s cataclysmic course with the Korean Peninsula as one of the key spots of destructive impact, people become concerned about their government’s evacuation plans. Although some plans seem to be in place to transfer citizens to distant countries, such as America, the general public suspects bias within the selection process. As a result, people partake in peaceful protests, and even middle school students participate. However, on the same day, a massive jailbreak leads to the release of ruthless criminals, including Bae Jong-su and his gang.

Alongside wreaking general havoc on the public, the Jong-su gang also kidnaps several young children. Middle schoolers Min-ho and Ha-yul— two students with a close connection to their teacher, Se-kyung, also fall victim to the same— causing increased anguish for the protagonist. Eventually, authorities are able to locate the trafficked kids and even rescue some traumatized survivors like Ha-yul. Nevertheless, Min-ho and several of his other classmates meet a much more devastating demise.

Consequently, the town’s community— especially the victims’ parents— holds great contempt for Jong-su and his gang. For the same reason, Se-kyung becomes increasingly concerned when Ha-yul tells her that the man has returned to town and is currently lying low in a house near hers. Thus, Se-kyung decides to take matters into her own hands after reporting the same to her friend, Military Captain Kang, which bears minimal results. Nevertheless, once Se-kyung goes incognito and breaks into Jong-su’s lair to swiftly assassinate the man, she realizes someone has already beat her to the punch.

In the lair, Jong-su’s dead body lies with a bullet wound on his head and a gun in his hand. The angle of the wound leaves little room for argument that despite the staged suicide setting, a murder had occurred in the room. Therefore, a shocked Se-kyung swiftly makes her exit from the scene. Even so, she manages to leave a few clues behind, which inevitably makes her a target for other gang members. While Se-kyung may seem like the obvious suspect to anyone who looks hard enough, she carries the knowledge that some mysterious killer is actually responsible for the murder.

For the same reason, Se-kyung arrives at a quick realization after catching Yeo Mi-ryeong in her shop during a suicide attempt. Mi-ryeong is Min-ho’s mother, who was left destroyed after her son’s brutal untimely death. Naturally, she held deep-seated hatred for Jong-su, the man responsible for Min-ho’s abduction and murder. As such, after learning about his whereabouts, Mi-ryeong went to his lair and killed him on the spot, exacting her revenge. The man’s inhuman actions, paired with the asteroid’s promised destruction, pushed Mi-ryeong to abandon any inhibitions that would have kept her from committing murder.

Therefore, as Mi-ryeong speaks of Jong-su with undying contempt in her voice, asserting she thought about killing the man, Se-kyung realizes the other woman had, in fact, carried out her wishes and killed the criminal. Since Se-kyung had gone to Jong-su’s lair with the same intention, she passed no judgment on the grieving mother. Instead, Se-kyung’s easy acceptance of the information and continued friendship only lessens the burden from Mi-ryeong’s shoulders.

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