Bandidos: Do Lucas and Citlali End Up Together?

Lucas and Citlali strike a connection right after meeting for the first time in Netflix’s adventure series ‘Bandidos.’ Since Lucas is inexperienced when it comes to romantic relationships, he remains shy around Citlali. Still, he expresses how much she means to him by risking his own life for her. Even though they have to focus on finding the treasure of Aj Took, the duo doesn’t forget to share intimate moments amid their treasure hunt. At the end of the first season of the show, the group members bid adieu to some of them, including Lucas and Citlali but with a promise to reunite! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lucas and Citlali’s Togetherness

Lucas and Citlali get together as a couple as the first season of ‘Bandidos’ concludes. The duo’s relationship is born when Lucas dives into a cenote with inadequate breathing apparatus to find Citlali thinking something happened to her. The gesture impresses Citlali immensely. All her life, she had to take care of the people around her, including her family members. Not even her relatives have been looking after her. That’s when Lucas risks his own life to protect her. As the treasure hunt progresses, their connection grows as well. When the wealthy boy gets cut off by his mother financially, Citlali helps him steal money.

Citlali has enough hardships to treat Lucas as a source of money. When she sneaks into his place to steal bundles of cash from him, Lucas even lets her take them. However, Citlali chooses not to eliminate the connection they have despite her needs. In no time, they both realize that the feelings they have for each other are genuine and unignorable. Lucas explores life differently whenever he is with Citlali and his journeys to new realms also include sharing intimacy with her. Understanding that Lucas doesn’t have any experience sexually, she makes him considerably comfortable to ensure his well-being.

Lucas and Citlali’s desire to take care of each other becomes the foundation of their relationship. However, they are not a typical couple either. They decide not to make any compromises for the sake of the other. After finding the treasure of Aj Took and selling the same, they both prioritize what’s important to them. Citlali buys her family a new home and immense happiness, whereas Lucas sets out to travel around the world to gain more knowledge and experience, starting with his Japan trip. They both seemingly understand that they cannot remain together all the time since they have other priorities.

Lucas and Citlali end up together because they are able to understand what’s important to them. They don’t force themselves on the other. It doesn’t mean that they do not want to share their lives together. Citlali is bidding adieu to Lucas only temporarily as they decide to meet in Paris in a year. They plan to take care of their other priorities and affairs before immersing themselves in their togetherness. This understanding nature of the duo indicates that they may remain together for a long time. Even though they will likely be away from each other at times, they are expected to always reunite and cherish their companionship.

If Miguel is committed to finding the Tear of Fire in the second season of the series, he may invite Citlali and Lucas to join his new team. After earning enough money for the time being by finding Aj Took’s treasure, the couple doesn’t necessarily have to join Miguel’s group to seek a portion of their potential discovery. However, if they are keen on another adventure, the couple may sign up for the next expedition and we may see them together again.

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