Betty’s Bad Luck in Love: All Shooting Locations and Cast Explored

Hallmark’s ‘Betty’s Bad Luck in Love’ is directed by Linda-Lisa Hayter, and introduces us to Betty, who believes herself to be cursed in matters of romance. It all started when she was about to experience her first kiss, but was cursed by a jealous classmate. Ever since, whenever she becomes romantically close to someone, an instant stroke of bad luck befalls them. Choosing to focus on her career and sparing the life and limb of her potential partners, she is helping plan her best friend Maya’s wedding.

Her mindset begins to change when she meets Alex, an adventurous photographer, who asks her out and is unfazed by the incidents of extreme bad luck transpiring around him all of a sudden. After an incident injures him, Betty seeks Maya’s help, and the two of them consult a psychic, determined to get rid of her hex. The romantic comedy follows Betty’s tumultuous life through ill-fated dates, a hilarious camping trip, a football match, and snow-covered landscapes. The story’s diverse scenery may incline some to investigate the filming spots behind the captivating setting of the movie.

Where Was Betty’s Bad Luck in Love Filmed?

Shooting for ‘Betty’s Bad Luck in Love’ was done almost entirely in and around Vancouver, within the province of British Columbia. Principal photography was reportedly carried out between September 11, 2023, and September 29, 2023. The behind-the-scenes experience for the cast and crew appears to have been quite enjoyable, with actor Marco Grazzini posting, “I’ve never, ever, had so much fun filming like I did on this one. The perfect storm of script, director/producers & fellow castmates, where every energy was pulling in the same direction – a big ol’ laugh.” Let us guide you through the selected filming location for the Hallmark movie.

Vancouver, British Columbia

‘Betty’s Bad Luck in Love’ was filmed majorly in and around Vancouver, a prime destination in the Hollywood North. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains, Vancouver stands as a picturesque haven for filmmakers seeking a captivating backdrop, especially for romantic comedy movies like ‘Betty’s Bad Luck in Love.’ In particular, its filming was centered around 1950 Franklin Street in Grandview-Woodland. Recognized as Vancouver’s Little Italy, the Grandview-Woodland neighborhood is situated to the east of downtown Vancouver and is characterized by a unique blend of historic charm and modern vibrancy.

The locale received its namesake thanks to the more than 130 eateries, with most of them serving authentic Italian cuisine. Grandview-Woodland is home to a diverse array of residents, including artists, professionals, and families. Commercial Drive, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, is a bustling cultural hub lined with an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cafes, some of which have found their way into the film. It radiates a bohemian atmosphere, drawing both locals and visitors alike to its lively streets. The neighborhood’s residential streets feature a mix of architectural styles, from charming heritage homes to modern condominiums, adding a layer of cultural depth to the film’s scenes.

Vancouver’s cityscape can be spotted in a few sequences throughout the film. Adorned with a blend of modern architecture and historic charm, it provided the filmmakers with diverse locations to create the essence of the romantic comedy. From chic downtown streets to cozy neighborhoods, the city offers a dynamic canvas for crafting vibrant and engaging scenes on its streets and avenues. Iconic landmarks like Stanley Park and the Vancouver Art Gallery add a touch of timeless romance, while the bustling Granville Island markets offer quirky settings.

One of Vancouver’s standout features for filmmakers is its ability to double as various locations. The city’s versatility allows it to seamlessly transform into different settings, enhancing the narrative possibilities for Hallmark movies. The nearby mountains and lush parks provide an enchanting contrast to urban scenes, creating opportunities for romantic interludes and comedic mishaps alike. Coupled with efficient permit processes, local talent pools, and tax credits, Vancouver has increasingly become a Hallmark favorite when it comes to filming destinations. Other Hallmark movies filmed in the city include ‘Hope at Christmas,’ ‘The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells,’ ‘Once Upon a Holiday,’ and ‘A Cookie Cutter Christmas.’

Betty’s Bad Luck in Love Cast

The romantic comedy is headlined by Laci J Mailey and Marco Grazzini essaying the couple, Betty and Alex, respectively. Mailey is an experienced actress most well known for her depiction of Jess O’Brien in ‘Chesapeake Shores.’ She can also be seen in ‘Falling Skies’ as Jeanne, ‘The Romeo Section’ as Sonya, and in ‘Supernatural’ as Emily. Marco Grazzini is a Toronto-born actor who has a long and successful career in the film industry, gaining most renown for his performance as Mike Valenzuela in ‘Virgin River.’

Grazzini has also starred in ‘Kim’s Convenience,’ ‘Christmas Unwrapped,’ ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major.’ Other actors featured in the Hallmark film include Ana-Maria Alvarado as Pastor, Jessica Garcie as Amy, Meghan Heffern as Mya, Kyle Warren as Jack, Daylin Willis as Raul, and Andrew Zachar as Bryan.

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