Lifetime’s Blackmail, Lies, and Murder: Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Dylan Vox at the helm, Lifetime’s ‘Blackmail, Lies, and Murder’ centers on Candace and Kristen, two strangers brought together by chance at a yoga class. As the two become acquainted, they begin to bond over their shared struggles with tormentors in their lives. Candace, grieving the recent loss of her husband, confides in Kristen about her overbearing mother-in-law, Iris, who constantly undermines her relationship with her daughter Avery. Kristen reveals her own turmoil, detailing the emotional and physical abuse inflicted by her husband, Nathan. As their friendship deepens over cocktails, Kristen proposes a shocking solution to their problems: swapping murders.

Initially thinking of the suggestion as an extreme jest, Candace is stunned as the situation takes a sinister turn, and Iris is found dead. Kristen resurfaces, demanding Candace uphold her end of the bargain, implicating her in a deadly pact she never intended to fulfill. When Candace refuses to abide by her unhinged demands, Kristen kidnaps Candace’s daughter, leading to a harrowing scenario of deadly choices for Candace. Set against the backdrop of suburban life, the gripping tale of deception and desperation takes place around a seemingly idyllic environment, causing one to wonder where shooting for the movie actually took place.

Where Was Blackmail, Lies, and Murder Filmed?

‘Blackmail, Lies, and Murder’ was filmed entirely in Los Angeles, California. Principal photography for the production was carried out over August and September of 2023. When filming began, the movie was tentatively titled ‘Murder Among Friends.’ Let us take a closer look at the location chosen as the backdrop for the Lifetime film.

Los Angeles, California

Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Southern California, Los Angeles became the primary filming location for ‘Blackmail, Lies, and Murder.’ Known as the beating heart of Hollywood, the city stands as a bustling metropolis renowned for its diverse array of filming locations and rich history of cinema. For the Lifetime film, Los Angeles serves as the quintessential backdrop for the jarring tales of deception and murder set in an everyday environment, juxtaposing the shocking story with its familiar backdrop.

Against the background of suburban life, the film delves into the suspenseful dynamic between Candace and Kristen. As Candace navigates the treacherous waters of murder and blackmail, the cityscape of Los Angeles provides a fitting backdrop for her harrowing journey. Los Angeles, often referred to as the Entertainment Capital of the World, boasts a storied history as a filmmaking hub, with its iconic landmarks and picturesque neighborhoods providing the perfect canvas for cinematic storytelling. From the glitzy streets of Hollywood to the tranquil suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, the city’s diverse landscapes offer filmmakers a myriad of settings to bring their stories to life.

One of the key elements that make Los Angeles an ideal filming location for ‘Blackmail, Lies, and Murder’ is its diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and charm. Whether it’s the sleek modernity of a high-rise apartment building or the quaint charm of a suburban cul-de-sac, Los Angeles provides filmmakers with a wealth of options to capture the essence of their story.

Furthermore, Los Angeles’ reputation as a hub of creativity and innovation makes it the perfect playground for filmmakers seeking to push the boundaries of storytelling. With its state-of-the-art production facilities and world-class talent pool, the city offers filmmakers the resources and support they need to bring their vision to life. From pre-production to post-production, the city provides filmmakers with a seamless and immersive filmmaking experience that elevates the final product to new heights.

Lifetime filmmakers have kind of made Los Angeles a central base for a majority of their production, often utilizing its abundance of diverse filming properties and studios to canvas their narratives. Some of the Lifetime movies that have made use of the nostalgic and arid locales of the city for filming are ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic,’ ‘The Man in the Guesthouse,’ ‘Tall, Dark and Dangerous,’ ‘Sabotaging the Squad,’ and ‘The Wrong Life Coach.’

Blackmail, Lies, and Murder Cast

Kelsey McKean leads the film by essaying the role of Candace. Kelsey is an up-and-coming actress who can also be seen in ‘The Man in the Guest House,’ ‘The Search for Secret Santa,’ ‘All Out Dysfunktion!,’ and ‘The Neighborhood.’ Starring opposite her is Lauren Pike who steps into the role of Kristen. Some of her other works include ‘L’Odge d’Oor,’ ‘Chronicles Of,’ ‘Single Rules,’ and ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh.’ Other cast members include Nick Ritacco, Fama Rakover as Celise, Kristin Samuelson as Iris, Jana Skorpen as Avery, Dan Hwang as Greg, Alexa Fung as Nancy, and Taylor Byron Barr as Mike.

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