Lifetime’s Lonely Crime Fanatic: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Kaila York, ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ is a Lifetime thriller film that centers on a true crime fan’s increasingly dangerous relationship with a podcast host who begins to develop an obsession with her. We follow the story of a lonely true crime enthusiast who finds solace in the world of podcasts. When she crosses paths with her favorite podcast host, sparks fly, and a seemingly innocent connection blossoms into something more. However, as their relationship deepens, the lines between admiration and obsession blur, unveiling a chilling tale of love twisted into something far more sinister.

As the podcast host’s fascination with our protagonist intensifies, his latest episodes take a haunting turn, revolving around her potential demise. Caught in a web of suspicion and fear, our protagonist must navigate the murky waters of love and deception, unraveling the truth behind her admirer’s sinister intentions before it’s too late. The film paints vivid and suspenseful pictures in its scenes, with its setting complementing the darkening narrative with its neutral tones. The movie’s backdrop is likely to generate questions about the filming locations it employed.

Where Was Lonely Crime Fanatic Filmed?

‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ was filmed entirely in and around Los Angeles, California. Based on the sparse information about its shooting dates, principal photography for the movie was likely carried out at the end of 2022. The filming environment seems to have been very positive and supportive behind the scenes, with actor David Hurt sharing his experience on social media. He wrote, “Had a blast working on this one, thanks especially to (Kaila York) and (Jacob Horn) for being so supporting during filming.” Let us take a closer look at the filming sites behind the Lifetime movie.

Los Angeles, California

One of the most iconic and versatile filming locations in the world, Los Angeles served as a comprehensive filming destination for ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic.’ Renowned for its diverse landscapes, vibrant neighborhoods, and rich cultural heritage, sites around the city including filming properties and sets were used in the production. For ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic,’ Los Angeles provided the perfect setting to bring its story to life. Filming amidst the city’s eclectic neighborhoods and familiar surroundings enhanced the sense of foreboding and intrigue that permeates the film.

Moreover, Los Angeles offered a wealth of resources and talent for the production team, with an array of purpose-built sets, experienced crews, and a thriving entertainment industry infrastructure. The city’s dynamic energy and creative spirit provided an ideal environment for the film crew to work towards their vision. Beyond its cinematic appeal, Los Angeles also holds a special place in the hearts of filmmakers and audiences alike, serving as a symbol of dreams realized and aspirations fulfilled. Its diverse population and storied history make it a melting pot of inspiration, where stories come to life against the backdrop of a city that never sleeps.

From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to gritty urban streets, the city offers a myriad of settings that have served as backdrops for countless films and television shows, including many of Lifetime’s thriller movies. Some of these include ‘The Man in the Guesthouse,’ ‘Tall, Dark and Dangerous,’ ‘Sabotaging the Squad,’ ‘The Wrong Life Coach,’ and ‘Trapped in the Cabin.’

Lonely Crime Fanatic Cast

Brenna Skalski leads the film as the fanatical fan in her debut movie role. The Atlanta-born actress has starred in the short films ‘Gates,’ ‘Cemetery Tryst,’ and ‘A Puzzling Postmortem.’ David Hurt also makes his film debut with the movie, essaying Paul. David is a Cincinnati-born actor who has appeared in the short films ‘Breaking Silence,’ and ‘A Petal’s Edge.’

Appearing as Detective Wyler in the film is seasoned actor and producer Doug Jeffery. Doug has had an extensive career as an actor and presenter while also having built a set design and construction company, 41 Sets. He presented History Channel’s ‘Where Did It Come From’ as its host and was a celebrity judge on ‘Beauty and the Geek.’ He can be seen acting in ‘The Baby Pact’ as Doug, ‘Secrets and Lies’ as John, ‘Born Champion’ as Bell Stewart, and ‘Confessions of a Lap Dancer’ as Ron. He also appears in the TV series, ‘Fit Over Fifty’ as himself. Other cast members for ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ include Ian Reier Michaels and Alexandra Ponce.

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