Where Was Lifetime’s Trapped in the Cabin Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Co-written and directed by Derek Sulek, Lifetime’s ‘Trapped in the Cabin’ is a thriller movie that follows Rebecca Collins, a popular romance novelist who struggles to finish her current novel due to a lack of inspiration and concentration. To help her concentrate better, her editor sends her to a secluded and cozy cabin far away from the noise and distractions of the city. However, Rebecca faces an issue with the hot water and takes the help of the local handyman Nathan to fix it. The two feel a spark between them and indulge in a budding romance.

Just when things start getting intense between Rebecca and Nathan, the latter disappears while the door is left ajar. As she notices more items out of place in the cabin, she gets a feeling that someone is watching her. The spectacular backdrop of the mountains surrounding the remote cabin works well in contrast with the sinister drama that unfolds inside it as Rebecca gets trapped. So, if you are wondering where ‘Trapped in the Cabin’ was shot, we have gathered all the information about the same!

Trapped in the Cabin Filming Locations

‘Trapped in the Cabin’ was filmed entirely in California, specifically in Los Angeles and Frazier Park. As per reports, principal photography for the thriller movie commenced in early February 2023 and wrapped up within the same month. Thanks to California’s vast and diverse terrains, it serves as a suitable filming site for different productions, including ‘Trapped in the Cabin.’ Now, let’s not waste time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that can be spotted in the Lifetime movie!

Los Angeles, California

Several significant portions of ‘Trapped in the Cabin’ were lensed in and around Los Angeles. The production team set up camp in various city neighborhoods and streets to shoot scenes against suitable backdrops. For instance, they utilized the locales of the seaside community of Playa del Rey in the Westside region of LA. Besides ‘Trapped in the Cabin,’ the City of Angels has hosted the production of numerous film and TV projects, including ‘Memento,’ ‘Missing,’ and ‘The Last Thing He Told Me.’

Frazier Park, California

A considerable chunk of ‘Trapped in the Cabin’ was also taped in the unincorporated community and census-designated place of Frazier Park in California’s Kern County. Situated within Cuddy Canyon in the San Emigdio Mountains, Frazier Park’s mountainous and secluded spots were used by the filming unit. A property in the area served as the cabin where most of the thrilling drama unfolds, with the cast and crew setting up camp inside the establishment to record many pivotal sequences for the movie.

Trapped in the Cabin Cast

Tiffany Smith essays the character of Rebecca Collins in the Lifetime movie. Also a host and web personality, the talented actress has been featured in several hit movies and TV shows throughout her acting career, which is why many of you might find her face recognizable. For instance, she stars in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ ‘The Immaculate Room,’ ‘House of Demons,’ ‘Christmas Harmony,’ ‘Aloha with Love,’ ‘Weird Weird Times,’ and ‘Quantum Leap.’ Meanwhile, David James Lewis plays the role of Jason.

Breaking into the scene through commercials, the Vancouver-born actor has been featured in over 200 productions, making him a familiar name and face in the industry. Lewis stars in ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Child’s Play,’ ’13 Miles,’ ‘Requiem for a Scream,’ ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House,’ ‘All Joking Aside,’ ‘Rogue,’ ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,’ ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,’ ‘and ‘Harper’s Island.’ Besides these leading actors, several other cast members play supporting yet key roles in the movie, including Travis Burns (Nathan Andrews), Michael Perl (Officer Hough), and India McGee (Maddison).

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