Lifetime’s Sabotaging the Squad: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘Sabotaging the Squad,’ by director Dylan Vox, follows a widowed mother, Missy, as she steps up to coach her daughter’s cheerleading squad and is beset by a series of ominous events leading up to their competition. When Missy begins her new job as the cheerleading coach, little does she know that the position is sought after by the mother of other cheerleaders, who begin to scheme behind the scenes. Undeterred by the resistance from her fellow cheer moms, Missy, assisted by her friend and co-coach Gemma, focuses on preparing the squad for an upcoming competition.

However, the path to victory becomes increasingly treacherous as mysterious incidents occur, sabotaging Missy’s efforts to prepare her cheerleaders for the competition. From canceled uniform orders to Missy being locked in a room, the situation takes a dark turn when one of the cheer moms dies under suspicious circumstances and Missy becomes the primary suspect. With her reputation hanging in the balance and the safety of her squad at risk, she races against time to unravel the mystery and prove her innocence. The 2023 Lifetime film takes us across a slew of venues, from high school gyms, locker rooms, and arenas, to the affluent residence of the scheming mothers, sparking curiosity regarding its actual filming sites.

Where Was Sabotaging the Squad Filmed?

‘Sabotaging the Squad’ was shot in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Principal photography began on May 25, 2022, under the working title ‘Cheer, Drama, Murder,’ and was wrapped up by June 10, 2022. The cast and crew seem to have appreciated their time working on the project, with actress Olivia Buckle taking to social media and writing, “What an awesome set, film, experience, crew, director, producer, wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists, cast!.” Allow us to take you closer to the filming sites behind the thriller movie.

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels became the exclusive filming destination for ‘Sabotaging the Squad,’ with the shooting taking place in and around Hollywood. Scenes for the movie were largely set in studios and filming properties around the famed neighborhood. When the conniving mothers gather and toast to the downfall of Missy, one can spot the characteristic dry and hilly landscape of Los Angeles in the background. The Hollywood Hills, framing the district, present filmmakers with panoramic views of the sprawling city, adding a touch of nostalgia to every frame. The diverse architectural styles of homes available for filming in the area regularly cater to the storytelling needs of many Lifetime movies.

Most of the interior sequences of the film were shot in professional facilities in Los Angeles. With the added support of their infrastructure and uninterrupted filming schedules, the production could quickly be wrapped up within three weeks. Due to the efficiency of Hollywood in portraying any location needed for thriller movies, along with access to an aspiring talent pool of cast and crew, a bulk of Lifetime productions find a home in the region. Some of the projects lensed in Los Angeles include, ‘The Wrong Life Coach,’ ‘A Roommate to Die For,’ ‘You’re Not Supposed to be Here,’ ‘Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny,’ and ‘One Night Stand Murder.’

Sabotaging the Squad Cast

The thriller sees Meyon Jacobs step into the role of Missy Clark, which is her first performance in a feature film in a lead role. Brittany Goodwin stars alongside her as Gemma. The writer-director and actress is most well-known for her work in ‘The Wedding Arrangement,’ ‘Cream of the Crop,’ ‘Most Wonderful Time,’ and ‘A Jealous Friendship.’ She can also be seen in ‘All Is Calm,’ ‘An Unlikely Angel,’ ‘If You’re Gone,’ and ‘A View to Kill For.’

Featuring opposite them, Olivia Buckle, Casey O’Keefe, and Tammy-Anne Fortuin take up the antagonistic roles of Darlene, Candie, and Tawnya respectively. Olivia Buckle hails from Vancouver and has studied theatre internationally. She can be spotted as an Amazonian in the 2017 ‘Wonder Woman,’ and as Darcy Young in ‘Falling for a Killer.’ Tammy-Anne Fortuin is an award-winning writer and actress known for ‘Aimee,’ ‘This Much,’ ‘Meeting Jenny,’ and ‘Babalas.’ Casey O’Keefe appears in ‘2 Broke Girls,’ ‘A Bride’s Nightmare,’ and ‘Ray Donovan.’

Supporting cast members for the film comprise Eric Lutz as Tanner, Fidelia Grace, as Rachel, Eric Guilmette as Sasha, Alisha Ricardi as Krista, Kalia Makena Moorehead as Cheerleader, Lauren Mayo as Arielle, and Furtuna Aliu as Fiona. Also appearing in the film are Sloan Mannino as Heidi, Gabby Thomas as Janelle, Jianna Molina as Cheerleader, and Isabella Ruiz as Cheerleader.

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