Lifetime’s You’re Not Supposed to be Here: Locations and Cast

Relishing the few days before their baby arrives, expectant couple Zoe and Kennedy head to a cabin getaway in the woods. However, taking up on Kennedy’s boss’ offer just might be the worst thing that they may have ever done. The Lifetime thriller movie chronicles the journey of the two women as they fend off the unwelcoming behavior of the townsfolk. However, just as the duo lets their guard down, the unimaginable follows. With fear at every junction, the story unravels in the picturesque quietude of a remote cabin. Given the unique premise, many are curious to know more about the filming locations.

Where is Lifetime’s You’re Not Supposed to be Here Filmed?

Sequestered with no sign of escape, Lifetime’s ‘You’re Not Supposed to be Here’ captures the thrilling journey a couple takes in a remote cabin. Enveloped by flanking flora on either end, the story’s suspense and intrigue are further built upon through the backdrop. The filming of the movie was done in California. The principal photography for the movie supposedly began earlier this year and was wrapped up within a few weeks. Given the lush flora that surrounds the two women, many have wanted to know more about the filming sites.

Los Angeles, California

With acres of wild cover, Los Angeles served as the perfect backdrop for the production of the movie. While the serene quietude of the woods offers a sense of tranquillity, it also plays a role in displaying the eeriness of the location. The presence of sparse civilization further accentuates the story. With minimal contact and a close-knit community, the movie displays a frightening premise. Exterior scenes that were filmed in the orchard and interior scenes filmed in the pharmacy highlight this storyline precisely.

You're Not Supposed to Be Here Trailer: Chrishell Stause and Diora Baird's Babymoon is Derailed in Lifetime Thriller - TV Fanatic

Totalling just over 15,000,000 acres, there are almost 150 wilderness areas in California. Given these statistics, it isn’t unordinary for the production company to find a location in the expansive wilderness of the metropolitan. As the hub for studios and sets, it would also make sense for the producers and creators to shoot some of the interior scenes in the studios of Los Angeles. Like the countless movies shot around the city regularly, ‘You’re Not Supposed to be Here’ was also shot there. Over the years, Los Angeles has been home to some of the most renowned productions in the industry. Some of the most acclaimed productions that were shot here include, ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ and ‘Gilmore Girls.’ 

You’re Not Supposed to be Here Cast

Chrishell Stause headlines the cast of the Lifetime thriller as Zoe, a pregnant woman who suspects unruly intentions from the get-go. The actress and reality television personality has earned renown for her convincing portrayals in productions like ‘All My Children,’ ‘Days of Our Lives,’ ‘The Young and the Restless,’ ‘The Crimson Mask,’ and ‘A Rose for Her Grave: The Randy Roth Story.’ Perhaps the biggest feather in her cap is her work as a real estate agent. Chrishell is known for her ability to sell luxurious properties in Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset.’ The actress has been a part of the reality series since its inception.

Joining hands in the project is Diora Baird, an actress and former model best known for her work on ‘Shameless,’ ‘Accepted,’ ‘Wedding Crashers,’ and ‘Bachelor Party Vegas.’ Embodying the character of Kennedy, Diora displays an unimaginable dread through her portrayal. Besides the titular leads, Jeanté Godlock, Devon Gummersall, Curtis Hamilton, and Jade Harlow also appear in the Lifetime movie.

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