Brian Cox’s Feature Directorial Debut Glenrothan to be Shot in Glasgow

The filming of Brian Cox’s feature directorial debut ‘Glenrothan’ will start in Glasgow, Scotland, on an undisclosed date. Set in a distillery town in the Scottish Highlands, the film revolves around two estranged brothers who reunite in the land of their birth. The last time they spoke was on the day of their mother’s funeral when, following a violent exchange with their father, the younger of the two left their Highland home for the United States. Forty years later, they are back in the village that houses the family business — the Glenrothan Distillery. The film draws probable inspiration from Scotland’s Glenrothes distillery, established in 1879 and renowned for its exceptional single malt Scotch whiskey.

Cox, acclaimed for his performance as Logan Roy in HBO’s family drama series ‘Succession,’ is not only taking on the directorial duty but also will play one of the protagonists. Described as a “love letter to Scotland,” the project marks Cox’s return to the director’s chair after helming an episode of the HBO series ‘Oz’ in 2000. The actor’s recent credits include ‘Separation’ (2021), ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ (2022), ‘The Independent’ (2022), and ‘Mending The Line’ (2022). He also lent his voice to Anubis in ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force,’ Kostas Becker in ‘The Simpsons,’ and Death in ‘Good Omens.’

In an interview with Variety, Cox opened up about his character in the film. “I do [the boring brother] rather well, actually. There is the one who stayed behind, who ended up holding the baby, so to speak, and the one who left. But he was the natural distiller. He had the gift. My character is not well so he asks his brother to go back, but he ignores him. Then his daughter sort of kidnaps him and brings him back to Scotland. And the adventure begins,” he said.

The project was conceived by acclaimed Scottish actor and writer David Ashton (‘McLevy’) and co-written with award-winning screenwriter Jeff Murphy (‘Hinterland’). Lionsgate U.K. Head of Development and Acquisitions Emma Berkofsky is involved in the development of the film with Nevision’s Neil Zeiger, who serves as a producer of the project. James Cabourne from Nevision is an executive producer.

Glasgow, the principal location of the movie, previously hosted the shooting of Emma Stone-starrer ‘Poor Things,’ Harrison Ford’s ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,’ and Apple TV+’s historical drama ‘The Buccaneers.’

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