Buying London Net Worths, Ranked: Who is the Richest Realtor?

Image Credit: Zoe McConnell/Netflix

As a reality production living up to its title in every way conceivable, Netflix’s Cam De La Huerta-run ‘Buying London’ can only be described as equal parts catty, dramatic, entertaining, and luxurious. That’s because it revolves around those at the DDRE Global brokerage as they navigate and revolutionize the ultra-high-end (aka super prime) real estate market in London as well as its nearby areas. It thus comes as no surprise wealth is indeed an integral aspect of this entire original, especially considering how often the word “million” is used without anyone even batting an eyelash.

Daniel Daggers – $220 Million

It was reportedly back when Daniel was just 17 that he first stepped foot into the properties industry by becoming a Sales Associate at Vickers & Company, only to then gradually rise up the ladder. The truth is it was here that he truly learned the ropes of how to maintain client relationships, market depending on different strategies, plus value, let, rent, and sell residential homes at all levels. Therefore, of course, he ultimately reached such a level he was actually head-hunted by the highly renowned property management company/real estate consultancy Knight Frank in 2007.

Daniel thus came into this organization as a proud Associate and Senior Negotiator before reportedly working up to Partner within months in 2007 and then Partner of the Private Office in 2015. But alas, everything changed in 2019 as they parted ways, just for him to then establish his own independent agency in March 2020 — Daniel Daggers Real Estate, which later became DDRE Global. So today, whether in the UK, New York, France, Dubai, etc., this self-proclaimed Mr. Super Prime and his agents deal in estates across the globe, with him, in particular, having already advised on over £5.5 billion worth of residential properties in his 26-year long career.

Oliver “Oli” Hamilton – $19 million

Having always had an interest in real estate owing to the fact he genuinely enjoys catering to people, is in love with his homeland, plus is passionate about places, Oli actually studied it in college. It was, hence, only after this British charmer graduated from Oxford Brookes University that he jumped into the workforce and climbed the ladder until he got an opportunity to run a brokerage. This agency was reportedly in Kensington, and he served there for roughly seven years before deciding to spread his wings by launching his own firm for private super-prime clients worldwide.

Though little did Oli know he’d end up closing the doors on his entrepreneurial dream within three years, just to join Daniel’s thriving DDRE Global team in October 2022 for much more stability. After all, he knew this association would undoubtedly enable him to tap further into the ultra-extravagant market, and he was right — in fact, his listings now average £8 million ($8.6+ million). So, with a 3% commission on any property sold per his advice — divided between the buyer agent, seller agent, and their brokerages — his savings in the 15 years he has worked, as well as return on any likely investments, his net worth comes close to $19 million.

Lauren Christy – $15 million

Although South African native Lauren graduated from the AAA School of Advertising with a Bachelor’s in business plus related support services in 2011, she didn’t enter real estate until 2017. It’s actually unclear what she did during this long 6-year period, yet we do know she was glad when she eventually began serving in this industry as she believed she’d found her true calling. She thus evolved from a Property Consultant at 5th Avenue Properties to a full-fledged Agent at Lance Real Estate Agency in Cape Town in 2020 before later relocating to London for good for better opportunities.

According to reports, it was August 2021 when Lauren joined Chestertons as a Senior Lettings Negotiator, only to soon be poached by Daniel to join DDRE Global as he’d witnessed her potential. And he was right because while she did kickstart her career with deals of merely £100,000 to £500,000, she has since reached such heights she recently closed a sale on a £27.8 million home. Moreover, even though she does have a few more estates valued at £20+ million in her listings as of writing, the average of the sales deals she now handles is close to £15 million — the commissions from this, her savings, plus her investments in the last seven years have helped her net worth accumulate to an estimated £14 million ($15 million).

Rosi Walden – $5 million

While it’s true that Rosi actually pursued a Bachelor’s in Art History from The Courtauld Institute of Art at the University of London following high school, she briefly pursued a law degree too. However, after a couple of internships, desk jobs, plus a year at BPP University, she changed her mind and immediately delved into the world of freelancing as a Digital Marketing Manager. Therefore, it wasn’t until May 2021 that she truly realized her passion for real estate, interior design, as well as helping people find their dream home, resulting in her evolving into a Lettings Negotiator at Strutt & Parker.

Then came July 2022 and Rosi’s decision to part ways with the agency, just to soon join Daniel’s DDRE Global brokerage as a proud luxury advisor for both national and international residential deals. We should mention she is also a hobbyist interior designer, travel enthusiast, as well as wellness guru, making her an online influencer too — she has over 40k followers and nearly 4,000 posts as of writing. Hence, considering her commissions at 3%, her freelancing income averaging £52,000/year, plus her likely online earnings being $150-$250 per supported post, her net worth is an estimated $5 million.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute – $4 million

It was 2009 when Rasa kickstarted her professional career as a Customer Service Consultant for a tech company while still pursuing a Bachelor’s in International Business from Vilnius University, Lithuania. She graduated in 2011, just to then leave her homeland behind in favor of London, England, where she rather swiftly managed to land a Customer Service Assistant position at Genting Casinos. This was around the same time she also took up freelancing as a Brand Ambassador for Expo Stars Interactive Ltd, only to juggle these two roles until she decided to leave the former in 2013 and the latter in 2017.

Rasa actually served as a Property Consultant at Taktical Realty Group in Dubai from 2013 to 2015 before returning to Genting Casinos in London, this time as a Customer Relations Manager. She stayed here until October 2022, that is, until she decided to completely shift gears and dedicate herself to the real estate industry for good under the tutelage of Daniel Daggers at DDRE Global. So, with her income being approximately £24,126/year as a Customer Service Consultant, £37,686/year as an administrator in the same field, £14/hour for representing brands, 3% commissions on property sales, plus her savings as well as return on investments, her net worth seems to be in the range of £3 million, which is close to $4 million.

Reme Nicole Urubusi – $3 million

At the age of 22, Reme has honestly managed to achieve wonders in more ways than one by not only thriving in what is usually considered a male-dominated industry but also being a public figure. This University of Nottingham graduate actually served as a Chief Communications Officer at The Millennials Club while in college before soon jumping right into real estate by joining DDRE Global. She was initially a Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator here, yet upon realizing her true calling was as an agent considering her empathic nature, founder Daniel Daggers took her under his wing.

Therefore, ever since July 2021, London-based Rene has been working as a real estate advisor while also dabbling in online content creation as well as public speaking as a policy enthusiast. So today, with her listing being in the range of £6 million at 3% market rate commissions, her earnings through online content as a mid-range influencer with 10k followers plus 100+posts averaging $88 per post, and her savings/investments, her net worth seems to be close to $3 million.

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