20 Best Christmas Movies on Lifetime

As the holiday season approaches, there’s nothing quite like cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket and a feel-good movie. Lifetime has become a go-to channel for Christmas movie enthusiasts, offering a delightful array of festive films that capture the magic of the season.  If heartwarming romances, family reunions, or tales of holiday miracles are your favorites, Lifetime’s Christmas movies offer an ideal retreat into a world of joy, enchantment, and everything in between. With our recommendations in hand, you’ll be all set for a joyful and endearing movie marathon. So, prepare your favorite hot cocoa (or cold cola, depending on which part of the world you are in), settle in, and let the festive viewing commence!

20. Crazy For Christmas (2005)

‘Crazy for Christmas’ is an endearing holiday gem directed by Eleanor Lindo. The film stars Andrea Roth as Shannon McManus, a single mother/chauffeur who finds herself on an unexpected Christmas Eve adventure. Tasked with chauffeuring an eccentric millionaire, Fred Nickells (Howard Hesseman), Shannon takes on a journey filled with random acts of kindness and surprising discoveries as Nickells gives money away to people all around town. Jason Spevack adds to the charm as Shannon’s adorable son, Trevor. The movie’s delightful performances and uplifting plot capture the true spirit of the season, making it a cutesy festive pick. You can watch it here.

19. A Country Christmas Story (2013)

‘A Country Christmas Story’ is a touching holiday film that brings the warmth of the season to life with a blend of music and heartfelt storytelling. Directed by Eric Bross, the movie stars Desiree Ross, multiple Grammy-Award-winning country singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, and Megyn Price. It follows the journey of Grace (Ross), a young girl who dreams of becoming a country music star like her father and participates in a singing contest at Dollywood, the Tennessee theme part co-owned by Parton. As she treads the challenges of family dynamics and personal ambition, Grace finds inspiration in her musical idol, Dolly Parton. The film’s rich soundtrack, featuring soulful country tunes, and its themes of perseverance and family make it a genuinely catching addition to the Christmas roster. You can watch the film here.

18. Christmas at the Chalet (2023)

Lucie Guest directs a cute holiday tale in ‘Christmas at the Chalet,’ featuring a stellar cast including Teri Hatcher, Dan Payne, Brendan McRae, and Gigi Neil. The plot revolves around Lex (Hatcher), a former TV personality who finds herself unexpectedly spending Christmas in a quaint Aspen chalet as a “chalet person” while spending the occasion with her son, George (McRae), even though it means interacting with ex-husband, Charles Hammond (Payne) and his new partner (Neil). Seeking solace from the familial complexities, Lex immerses herself in volunteering at the chalet while documenting her experiences for her online audience. The film delicately intertwines themes of family dynamics with the festive spirit, delivering a platter of humor, warmth, and seasonal charm. ‘Christmas at the Chalet’ invites viewers into a world of holiday magic and personal rediscovery, making it a delightful addition to any seasonal movie lineup. You can watch the film here.

17. Christmas in Mississippi (2017)

In ‘Christmas in Mississippi,’ directed by Emily Moss Wilson, viewers are transported to the picturesque town of Gulfport, Mississippi, where the holiday spirit is palpable. Starring Jana Kramer, Wes Brown, and Faith Ford, the film tells the story of photographer Holly Logan (Kramer), who returns home for Christmas after years away. To reconnect with her roots, she volunteers to resurrect the town’s traditional holiday light, only to find out that it is run by Mike (Brown), the guy who broke her heart in high school. Amidst festive preparations for the town’s annual Christmas Eve parade, Logan’s love for her hometown grows while that for Mike returns. But will it be worth it again? With its enthralling setting, heartfelt performances, and themes of love and community, ‘Christmas in Mississippi’ captures the essence of small-town holiday magic. This feel-good movie resonates with audiences by celebrating traditions, family bonds, and the joy of rediscovering the spirit of Christmas. You can watch ‘Christmas in Mississippi’ here.

16. The Christmas Consultant (2012)

Under the direction of John Bradshaw, ‘The Christmas Consultant’ brings together a talented cast, including David Hasselhoff, Caroline Rhea, and Barclay Hope, for a holiday adventure. The storyline follows Maya (Rhea), a busy mother who hires Owen, a unique Christmas consultant (Hasselhoff), to bring order to her bustling family Christmas and the party she will host at her new home, which comprises her equally workaholic husband (Hope), their children, Maya’s boss, and a potential client. As Maya navigates Owen’s unconventional approach, she discovers profound lessons about love, family dynamics, and the true essence of the season. Filled with humor and the enchanting spirit of the holidays, ‘The Christmas Consultant’ offers a fresh perspective on managing festive chaos and rediscovering the joy of togetherness. You can watch the film here.

15. A Christmas Wedding (2006)

‘A Christmas Wedding’ shines as a standout Christmas movie by bringing together the warmth of the holiday season with the poignant journey of love and commitment. Directed by Michael Zinberg, the film follows Emily (Sarah Paulson) and Ben (Eric Mabius) as they tackle the joyful chaos of planning their wedding amidst the festive backdrop of Christmas. Unfortunately, Emily leaves for a necessary business trip, leaving Ben responsible for all the arrangements and procrastination. Will their wedding work out the way they want it to? ‘A Christmas Wedding’ not only exudes the essence of seasonal traditions but also explores themes of family, forgiveness, and the transformative power of love. This film resonates deeply with audiences by delivering a blend of emotional depth and holiday magic, making it a memorable addition to any Christmas movie collection. You can watch it here.

14. A Twist of Christmas (2018)

‘A Twist of Christmas’ distinguishes itself as a catchy holiday film that blends whimsical storytelling with the spirit of the season. Directed by David Winning, the movie revolves around single mother Abby (Vanessa Lachey) and her son and single father Ryan (Brendon Zub) and her daughter, who find their worlds turned upside down when a mix-up at a crowded department store swaps their gifts. As they float through the chaos of family gatherings and unexpected twists, Abby and Ryan discover new perspectives on love, parenthood, and the magic of Christmas. You can watch ‘A Twist of Christmas’ here.

13. Dear Santa (2011)

In ‘Dear Santa,’ directed by Jason Priestley, Amy Acker stars as Crystal, a thirty-year-old parents’-money-propelled spendthrift woman who discovers a heartfelt letter to Santa from a seven-year-old girl, Olivia (Emma Duke), wishing for a new wife for her widowed father, Derek (David Haydn-Jones). Touched by the plea, Crystal sets out on a mission to bring holiday magic to their lives, altering her own life for the better in the process. As the story unfolds, ‘Dear Santa’ brings together themes of compassion, hope, and the transformative power of kindness during the festive season, reminding viewers of the joy in giving and the spirit of Christmas. You can watch ‘Dear Santa’ here.

12. Random Acts Of Christmas (2019)

In ‘Random Acts of Christmas,’ directed by Marita Grabiak, Christmas comes alive through a series of unexpected kindnesses that ripple through a small town. Starring Erin Cahill and Kevin McGarry, the film follows Sydney (Cahill), an investigative journalist, looking into the curious case of an unknown person carrying out random acts of kindness. In her endeavor, she meets Cole (McGarry), a competing reporter, who revitalizes her Christmas spirit. However, Cole may not be the guy she thinks he is. To find out his real identity and whether Sydney can find the mysterious helper, you can watch ‘Random Acts Of Christmas’ here.

11. Under the Christmas Tree (2021)

Directed by Lisa Rose Snow, ‘Under the Christmas Tree’ is Lifetime’s first lesbian Christmas movie. Starring Elise Bauman and Tattiawna Jones, the film revolves around Charlie Freemont (Bauman), a tree whisperer looking for a worthy Christmas tree for the state’s annual tree lighting ceremony, and Alma Beltran, a Christmas goods business owner. When Charlie spots the perfect tree for the occasion in Alma’s backyard, the two ladies meet and sparks fly though after initial friction. However, there is an external force that carries out the enchantment, one belonging to the town’s best pâtissière Marie (Ricki Lake). To find out how everything works out, you can watch ‘Under the Christmas Tree’ here.

10. Will You Merry Me? (2008)

‘Will You Merry Me?’ follows Rebecca (Vikki Krinsky), a Jewish woman, and Henry (Tommy Lioutas), a Christian man, as they prepare for marriage, a journey that involves introducing each other to their families, who couldn’t be more different, during two significant religious holidays. Directed by Nisha Ganatra, the film focuses on the humorous and anxiety-inducing process of blending two diverse sets of in-laws, highlighting the challenges and comedic moments that arise as cultural differences collide. As Rebecca and Hank deal with this pivotal time, the film stresses elements of love, acceptance, and the complexities of family dynamics, all set against the backdrop of preparing for a joyous union amidst festivities. You can watch ‘Will You Merry Me?’ here.

9. Every Other Holiday (2018)

‘Every Other Holiday’ is a heartfelt family drama set during the holiday season, directed by Blair Hayes. The story revolves around a recently divorced couple, Tracie (Schuyler Fisk) and Rick (David Clayton Rogers), who take turns spending holidays with their daughter, Harper (Abby James Witherspoon) and Ava (Skylar Olivia Flanagan). However, this Christmas, the daughters decide to spend time with both parents, and maybe the Christmas spirit will rekindle the spark between their parents. The film sheds light on themes of forgiveness, healing, and the enduring bonds of family, capturing the essence of hope and reconciliation amidst the backdrop of festive traditions and heartfelt gatherings. You can watch ‘Every Other Holiday’ here.

8. Poinsettias for Christmas (2018)

‘Poinsettias for Christmas’ tells the story of Ellie, who is called back home just weeks before Christmas to assist her father with their family’s struggling poinsettia farm. With the town’s annual parade depending on the farm’s delivery of thousands of red poinsettias, Ellie faces the challenge of getting the plants to bloom in time. As she tackles this daunting task, Ellie rediscovers her passion for her roots and finds an unexpected romance with a local botanist, Shawn. Under the direction of Christie Will Wolf, ‘Poinsettias for Christmas’ features a talented cast comprising Bethany Joy Lenz as Ellie and Marcus Rosner as Shawn, along with John Schneider and Sharon Lawrence, creating an environment overflowing with the traditions of Christmas. You can watch ‘Poinsettias for Christmas’ here.

7. 12 Men of Christmas (2012)

’12 Men of Christmas’ stands out as a charming Christmas movie for several reasons. Directed by Arlene Sanford, the film stars Kristin Chenoweth as E.J. Baxter, a high-powered New York publicist who faces professional and personal setbacks. After a public scandal, E.J. relocates to a small Montana town where she spearheads a campaign to raise funds for a local search-and-rescue team by creating a calendar featuring the town’s rugged men. The film’s title refers to the twelve members of the rescue team who agree to pose for the calendar. While E.J. faces the challenges of small-town life, she also finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the community’s warmth. The movie delights viewers with its witty dialogue, picturesque snowy settings, and Chenoweth’s charismatic performance, making it a great addition to holiday viewing. You can watch ’12 Men of Christmas’ here.

6. Snowed-Inn Christmas (2017)

Snowed-Inn Christmas,‘ directed by Gary Yates, stars Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker as Jenna Hudson and Kevin Jenner, respectively, two rival writers for a New York magazine. The two find themselves snowed in together at a charming inn in Santa Claus, Indiana, where their flight to Aspen, for a job that will get either of them a promotion, is rerouted due to a snowstorm. As they weather the storm and the quirks of their temporary confinement, their initial animosity melts away, paving the way for unexpected holiday magic. Against the backdrop of snow-covered landscapes and festive decorations, the film injects humor, genuine moments of connection, and the warm glow of the Christmas spirit, offering viewers a delightful escape into the season’s embrace. You can watch ‘Snowed-Inn Christmas’ here.

5. Saying Yes to Christmas (2021)

In the warm holiday film ‘Saying Yes to Christmas,’ directed by Graeme Campbell, Erika Prevost portrays career-obsessed June, whose Christmas takes an unforeseen turn after a magical wish makes her say yes to each and every invitation that comes her way at home, where she is for the special occasion. However, when Blake (Romaine Waite), a former flame of hers, comes into the jumbled picture that June has to sort out, she has to choose between two yeses: life in the city or life in her hometown. To find out what she does, you can watch ‘Saying Yes to Christmas’ here.

4. A Christmas To Treasure (2022)

A Christmas to Treasure,’ written and directed by Jake Helgren, reunites six friends in their hometown following the passing of a beloved elderly neighbor. This heartfelt film stars Taylor Frey as Austin and Kyle Dean Massey as his former best friend, Everett. As the gang embarks on a holiday treasure hunt, sparks fly between the two, and old emotions rekindle. Co-starring Katie Walder and Mary-Margaret Humes, this festive story beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the season, highlighting the magic of renewed friendships and holiday romance. You can watch ‘A Christmas To Treasure’ here.

3. Heaven Sent (2016)

‘Heaven Sent’ is yet another tearjerker film directed by Michael Landon Jr. that explores themes of love, redemption, and second chances. The plot revolves around a young girl (Mallory James Mahoney) who has escaped heaven and intends to help a couple, Billy (Christian Kane) and Maire (Marley Shelton), re-discover their love after experiencing a tragic loss that is about to end their nine-year marriage. The movie’s charm lies in its touching storytelling and inspirational message, brought to life by staunch performances, especially young Mahoney. Because of its profound exploration of forgiveness and healing, ‘Heaven Sent’ leaves viewers with a renewed sense of hope and faith. You can watch ‘Heaven Sent’ here.

2. A Gift Wrapped Christmas (2015)

‘A Gift Wrapped Christmas’ offers a swoon-worthy holiday experience by blending heartfelt romance with the spirit of giving. Directed by Lee Friedlander, the film features Meredith Hagner as Gwen, a personal shopper who brings festive cheer to her clients’ lives. Upon realizing that her latest client, Charlie (Travis Milne), a single father and busy professional, doesn’t spend enough time with his 7-year-old son Owen (Anthony Bolognese), she decides to help him reconnect with what truly matters, especially during Christmas,i.e., family. This charming story of love, family, and the magic of thoughtful gifts is enhanced by endearing performances and a cozy, festive atmosphere, making it an irresistible holiday movie. You can watch ‘A Gift Wrapped Christmas’ here.

1. The Christmas Setup (2020)

The Christmas Setup‘ stands apart as a standout Christmas movie thanks to its charming combination of love, wit, and its embrace of diversity. It is also Lifetime’s first LGBTQ-themed Christmas film broadcast. Directed by Pat Mills, the film tells the story of Hugo (Ben Lewis), a New York lawyer who returns to his hometown in Milwaukee for the holidays. His meddling mother, Kate (Fran Drescher), sets him up with his high school crush, Patrick (Blake Lee), who has also returned recently from Silicon Valley. As sparks fly, Hugo must decide between a huge career opportunity in London and staying home for love. The film’s appeal lies in its authentic representation of LGBTQ+ relationships, festive charm, and the engaging chemistry between the real-life couple Ben Lewis and Blake Lee, making it a refreshing pick in the long and winding genre of meet-cute holiday movies. You can watch ‘The Christmas Setup’ here.

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