Chucky Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Death on Denial

The fourth episode of ‘Chucky‘ season 2 is the horror show’s most meta episode yet. The episode titled ‘Death on Denial’ puts a unique spin on the classic party murder mysteries and references the seminal Agatha Christie novel ‘Death on the Nile.’ It sees Jennifer throwing an impromptu themed party to cover up her murderous acts while her children and a host of guests visit her lavish estate. As a result, we are sure viewers must have plenty of questions about the episode’s events. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Chucky’ season 2 episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4, titled ‘Death on Denial,’ opens with a fourth-wall-breaking talk show hosted by Chucky and the inanimate doll, Belle. The scene then shifts to Glen and Glenda’s reunion with their mother, Tiffany, aka Jennifer Tilly. However, Jennifer is surprised to learn that the teenagers have thrown themselves a surprise birthday party to celebrate their eighteenth birthday. The family reunion takes an awkward turn as Jennifer hasn’t seen her children in a long time. Moreover, Jennnifer is puzzled when Glen and Glenda ask her about Nica Pierce.

At the party, Glen and Glenda invited Jennifer Tilly’s ‘Bound’ co-stars Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano, reality TV star Sutton Stracke, and Jennifer’s sister, Megan. The group of guests is shocked to see Jennifer as she has been out of Hollywood and in the public spotlight for nearly a year. Moreover, she hasn’t met her sister for over two decades. As Jennifer gets swept up in tending to the guests, Glen slides away to investigate the closed room where Nica is being held captive. However, the door is guarded by Jennifer’s butler, Jeeves.

A flashback reveals that Glen and Glenda tried to help Nica escape a few months ago. However, their attempt failed, and they were forced to leave Nica behind. Meanwhile, at the party, the guests discover that Jeeves is dead. Jennifer pretends that Jeeves is an actor and the party is actually murder mystery-themed. As a result, the guests indulge in investigation and debate and try to solve the murder. However, Jennifer fears the guests will discover her bloody secrets and foil her plans. On the other hand, Glen and Glenda continue to further their agenda.

Chucky Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Who Killed Jeeves? Does Nica Escape?

In the episode’s final act, the guests discover the dead body of Joe Pantoliano. The guests start suspecting Glen of being an accomplice in the murders of Jeeves and Pantoliano. Meanwhile, Glenda tries to help Nica escape and arms her with a metal prosthetic arm equipped with a gun. Glenda reveals that the siblings’ actual goal is to kill Jennifer. Elsewhere, Glen tries to handle the situation with the guests, who fear the horrifying turn of events of the night.

While Helping Nica adorns the prosthetic arm, they cut their finger, and the blood allows Chucky’s soul to dominate the body. Chucky takes over Nica’s body and propellers the group’s plan to kill Jennifer further. Meanwhile, Glenda and Nica confront Jennifer and try to murder her. However, the gun attached to Nica’s arm is empty, and the bullets are removed. As a result, Chucky’s plan to kill his former lover fails. Therefore, Nica takes advantage of the situation and regains control of her body. She realizes that the gun is empty and her life is in danger.

As a result, Nica makes a run for her life, and she runs outside the estate. Meanwhile, Glenda also decides to flee the mess stemming from their plan and follows Nica. Outside the estate, a handicapped assisted van is already waiting to drive Nica away. To Nica’s surprise, Kyle is driving the van. Kyle was believed to be dead at the end of the first season. She stumbled into Jennifer’s house and was attacked by Jennifer.

Ultimately, Kyle succeeds in helping Nica, and the latter escapes with Glenda. Thus, Nica avoids a grim fate at Jennifer’s hand. Moreover, Kyle has likely been working with Glen and Glenda all along. She and Andy have been on a mission to destroy Chucky and may have forged a partnership with his offspring. The episode cuts back to the talk show in the final moments. Chucky invites WWE star Liv Morgan, and they break down the episode’s death. It is revealed that Jeeves was killed by Glenda, while Gina murdered Pantoliano out of jealousy.

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