Couple to Throuple Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple’ is certainly a unique series that gives hopeful couples a chance to find another person who would be willing to join their relationship. The journeys undertaken by all the participants, whether already committed or looking for partners, have helped make the show a true favorite of the viewers. The cast members of season 1 of the series, which ended recently, certainly left an impact on the public, leaving many curious about the latest updates in their lives.

Brittne, Sean, and Darrien Seqqoya Are No Longer a Throuple

We are starting with Brittne Babe, Sean Williams, and Darrien Seqqoya, the throuple who left the show together, much to the joy of their fans. Following their time on the show, they went back to enjoy their time together in the real world in Los Angeles, California. However, due to differences in their commitments regarding their careers, Brittne and Sean bid adieu to Darrien as a romantic partner, though the separation was seemingly amicable in nature. However, as of writing, they are no longer in touch.

That said, Brittne and Sean might be doing better than ever. In fact, in June 2023, Sean ended up proposing to Brittne with a shiny ring that the latter has been more than happy to flaunt. The engagement is certainly a good sign of the couple’s continued affection for each other, and they seem eager to plan their lives together for the foreseeable future. On a more professional note, Brittne is a proud Celebrity Personal Trainer and has a fitness application called Babe Fitness. With over 2,3 million followers on Instagram, she is also a Bombshell Sportswear athlete. Meanwhile, Sean works as a music producer, and Darrien is the proud owner of Marijuana Meditations.

Rehman, Ashmal, and Jonathan Are Not Romantically Involved

Up next, we have Rehman Bhatti, Ashmal Ali, and Jonathan Intriago, a relationship that was full of many ups and downs. Despite the fact that they exited the show as each other’s boyfriends, things did not remain well for them. For about three months, they had been able to keep their relationship going, with Jonathan often visiting the other two in Chicago, Illinois. However, it has been shared that Ashmal ended up “objecting” to their situation, ending not only the three-way partnership but also his romantic relationship with Rehman.

Despite the undoubtedly heartbreaking separation, it seems like Rehman and Ashmal remain on good terms as each other’s “best friends.” The two continue to hang out whenever the chance presents itself and are very much visible on each other’s social media. While their connection remains an amicable one, it seems like they are no longer in contact with Jonathan.

As of writing, Rehman works as an Assistant Vice President for Corporate Social Media Communications Lead for PNC, while Ashmal is a proud attorney, serving as an Associate for Gaynor Law. Jonathan is based in New York City and has been a Flight Attendant for Delta Air Lines since October 2021.

Dylan, Lauren, and Jess Have Separated on Good Terms

The journey that the married ruo of Dylan and Lauren Bair undertook during the Peacock show helped them gain the partnership of Jess Olson. After the three completed the social experiment, they did seem inclined to try their best when it came to keeping their relationship going. However, the distance between them seemed too far to overcome. With the Bairs based in Arizona and Jess in Texas, the three decided to end their relationship amicably but remain on good terms with each other. Having announced their pregnancy in January 2024, Dylan and Lauren revealed in early February 2024 that they were expecting a baby girl in July 2024.

An enthusiast for everything fitness-related, Dylan is the CEO and Coach for Bair Aesthetics, a company where Lauren also works as a Coach. Additionally, Dylan is the CEO of Manifested, a company Lauren is also affiliated with. As for Lauren, she is a registered nurse who works in the cosmetics field under the brand name Buffed Beauty. Both she and Jess are professional bodybuilders affiliated with the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB). Jess is also working for Dallas Golf Divas and Man Sports Supplements.

Wilder, Corey, and Denyse Are Happily in a Relationship

Despite their relatively short time on the show, Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter left the Peacock show happy alongside Denyse Davis. As of writing, the three have the honor of being the only throuple that has remained steady. Despite the fact that Denyse does not live in Los Angeles, unlike Wilder and Corey, the three have been able to make their relationship work. They are seemingly also looking forward to Denyse moving to the City of Angels soon and spending more time with her partners.

Presently, Wilder works as a professional photographer and videographer who often shares the pictures he has clicked on social media. As for Corey, she is a professional video editor and an avid vegan enthusiast. She is also quite a fan of the fairy aesthetic and enjoys experimenting with colors when it comes to fashion and life. As for Denyse, she is a model and photographer who also works as a Playboy Bunny.

Maximo and Ash Are Still Together

Proud representatives of the transgender, pansexual, and polyamorous communities, Maximo and Ashlee “Ash” have gained many supporters following their time on the show. The two are still very much in a relationship and seem to enjoy the joys of life that one can find in New York City. Given the fact that they did not find a third person to join them in their relationship through the Peacock show, the couple continues to look for a partner who could join them in their relationship.

Ash primarily works as a model and is never shy about her Korean heritage. Meanwhile, Maximo is a talented dancer, model, and photographer whose skills have helped him earn a place in the House of Xtravaganza, the legendary ballroom dancing house established in 1982.

Becca Calb is an Active Content Creator

Having tried her luck with not one but two different couples from the Peacock show, Becca Calb easily emerged as one of the most prominent singles from the first season of the series. Though she did not leave the show as a committed woman, it has not stopped her from looking for love, though now she remains firm about not being anyone’s second or third option. Represented by Bujou Studios, Becca is a content creator on platforms like Instagram (with over 34K followers) and OnlyFans.

Mia Pheonix is Proud of Her Music

Someone who has undoubtedly piqued public interest is Mia Pheonix, or Mia Jane O’Neil, who is presently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The reality TV star is a talented singer, with her music being available on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. In fact, she recently launched “Jalapeno Mini Skirt’ in collaboration with Oliver Ash as a part of her “Angelic Trippy House” project. She also works as a DJ and is known for her modeling skills. With more than 46K followers on Instagram, she also posts a variety of content on social media and seems quite partial towards the Bratz doll aesthetic.

Frank Edward Lives in Los Angeles

Based in Los Angeles, Frank Edward remains a prominent presence in the minds of those who found themselves following the events of ‘Couple to Throuple’ season 1. The reality TV star seems to be pursuing a modeling career but is also active as a content creator. Some of the platforms where you can him Frank include OnlyFans, Instagram, and Cameo. The content he posts varies from being aesthetically pleasing to humorously entertaining.

Sanu Stevens is a Polyamrous Coach

Another prominent single from the Peacock show, Sanu Stevens was certainly a fitting participant for the polyamory-based series. Presently, she is a proud Polyamorous Coach who takes pride in guiding others through their own journey in the world of polyamory. She also seems to hold the title of Masculine Power Coach and certainly enjoys bringing about change through her words and actions. Her foray into working alongside the male gender seems to be a new one but it is also one that she has taken to with gusto.

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