Crave Orders Empathie; Starts Filming in Montreal in August

Crave has a new show in the making! The Cinemaholic can confirm that the network has ordered the psychological drama ‘Empathie,’ written and produced by Florence Longpré, who also stars in the lead role. The filming of the series will commence in Montreal on August 5, 2024, and will last until October 10. In addition to Crave, the show will also be released on

The plot follows the life of Suzanne Oreste (Longpré), a 38-year-old criminal psychologist who resurfaces after a mysterious two-year-long absence. Having worked with the police earlier in her career, she joins the Mont-Royal Psychiatric Institute as a psychiatrist, treating some of the country’s most complex and disturbing patients. The story dives deeper into Suzanne’s past and the enigmatic illness that plagues her as she seeks personal and professional redemption. Notably, the show will have Suzanne meet and interrogate some real-life psychopaths, cult leaders, and gangsters — such as Richard Blass (also known as Le Chat), Guy Turcotte, and Rock Thériault — to bring out their disturbing psyche on the screen.

The series also features numerous supporting characters across two timelines, including Mortimer and his mother, Adélaïde. An older woman struggling with dementia and a past marked by violence, Adélaïde lives in Québec with her son. The series sheds light on her life in France in 1990 when she used to protect Mortimer from the abuse of Michel, her violent husband. As Michel battles addiction in the flashbacks, his erratic behavior deeply affects his family, causing his young son to mentally escape into a fantastical realm of music and imagination to cope with his grim reality.

‘Empathie’ was conceived as a project that combines elements of the horrific world of prison, police investigations, psychological drama, and comedy. Suzane Landry, Vice President of Content Development at Bell Media, highlighted Longpré’s ability to blend genres while addressing sensitive topics with her distinctive approach. Longpré shared her vision to make mental health issues more relatable and less somber through the series. She aims to deliver a powerful and thought-provoking viewing experience that humanizes the twists and turns of psychic delirium.

Longpré is best known for her writing and acting exploits in the television shows ‘Can You Hear Me’ and ‘Audrey est Revenue.’ She also wrote the series ‘Le Temps des Framboises’ and has starred in several shows and films. She also gathered critical recognition for her performances as Nanette Laloge in ‘True North,’ Coralie Champoux in ‘Mémoires Vives,’ and Franie in ‘La Confrérie,’ in addition to various roles in the sketch comedy series ‘Like-moi!’

Set in Montreal, ‘Empathie’ will utilize various real locations during its two-month production. The city has previously hosted the production of notable films and TV shows such as ‘The Notebook‘ and ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.’ Other projects that will shoot in Montreal in the summer include the fourth season of the CBS sitcom ‘Ghosts’ and Amazon Prime’s ‘Obsession.’

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