Delete: What Happened To Tong’s Sister?

‘Delete’ is a Netflix drama show that revolves around the complicated lives of a group of interconnected people once a strange and deadly device enters their lives. Famous art curator Lilly, wife of a powerful businessman, Too, starts a whirlwind romance with Aim behind their respective partners’ backs. When she finds a phone with the ability to “delete” people, it presents her with the opportunity to escape from her loveless marriage. However, after she mysteriously goes missing on the night of her birthday, it sends her husband and boyfriend down investigative roads, where they uncover secrets about the phone and the people around.

In the show, June’s best friend, Tong, repeatedly references his older sister Thong, who went missing five years ago. Although Thong’s character never makes an on-screen appearance, her eerie absence hangs over the narrative, influencing Tong and June’s storyline. Therefore, people must be curious to know what exactly happened to Thong. Here is everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happened To Tong’s Sister, Thong?

Five years before the show’s events, Tong’s sister, Thong, inexplicably goes missing with no sign of return. As time passes, Tong starts to lose hope about ever finding Thong again and forces himself to believe she’s dead. Inversely, his mother devotes herself to God and Jesus Christ, praying for her daughter’s safety and well-being, refusing to lose hope even five years later. Due to the same, some tension brews between the mother and the son.

Eventually, Tong meets June at his boarding school after catching her stealing rosary beads that belong to his mother, a teacher at the school. June, Too’s stepsister, is a kleptomaniac who repeatedly steals things from the people around her, keeping them hidden in a box. Since June resents her family for shipping her off to a Bangkok boarding school, she takes her anger out by stealing valuable things from people who inconvenience her.

After their first meeting, Tong and June start a tentative friendship and eventually grow closer after going through a near-death experience together. Toward the end of the season, once things settle down. June makes a troubling discovery that might just change everything about her dynamic with Tong.

While looking through her social media, June finds a photo of Tong’s missing sister Thong at a house party with Lilly and Too. The photograph is from around the same time as when Thong went missing, and June realizes there has to be a connection between Thong and her family.

Meanwhile, Lilly, trying to give her marriage with Too another try, somehow discovers her husband’s underground lair by chance. Inside the basement, Lilly finds several corpses, including one with the same outfit Thong wore when she attended the party at Too’s mansion. Although the exact connection between Thong and Too’s family isn’t known, it’s likely related to Too’s father, Thee.

Thee is a renowned member of the community who build his farm himself from the ground up. In the past, Thee’s wife drowned in a lake nearby, but no one discusses the specifics of her death. Still, we know from flashbacks and nightmares that Thee was an abusive father whom Too’s mother tried to leave right before she died. The implication is clear: Thee was involved in Too’s mother’s death.

That added to the fact that Too deletes the corpses to sort out his father’s business, hints straight at Thee’s involvement in Thong’s death alongside the other dead people in Too’s basement. Even though June doesn’t know her family is harboring Thong’s dead body, she has photographic evidence of Thong’s presence at her family’s mansion when she went missing. Nevertheless, she decides to keep it a secret from Thong. Earlier, June trusts Tong enough to come out to him.

Still, June chooses to protect her family over Tong and keeps the newfound information about Thong from her closest friend. Meanwhile, Too erases Thong’s corpse from existence. By the show’s end, Thong’s ultimate demise becomes clear but proposes new questions about Thee’s past and the future between Tong and June that only a potential second season can answer.

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