Did Andy Die in Chucky Season 2? Theories

Chucky‘ season 2 continues the murderous charade of the titular serial killer doll who is terrorizing Hackensack. The second season premiere episode picks up after the explosive season finale as Jake, Devon, and Lexy reel from the devastation caused by the Chucky dolls. The episode also gives us an update about the whereabouts of Andy Barclay, the first victim of Chucky’s torment. However, a shocking incident raises dark clouds over Andy’s fate. If you are wondering whether Andy is dead in ‘Chucky’ season 2, here is our take on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens To Andy?

Andy Barclay is introduced in the 1998 film ‘Child’s Play’ which marks the start of the long-standing horror franchise. In the series, actor Alex Vincent reprises his role as Andy Barclay from previous installments in the franchise. Andy receives a Good Guy doll named Chucky, which holds the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. He survives Chucky’s murderous charade and becomes the doll’s arch-nemesis. In the first season of Chucky, Jake contacts Andy to find ways of getting rid of the serial killer doll. Andy and his foster sister, Kyle, are trying to destroy all the Chucky dolls. Eventually, they arrive in Hackensack and aid Jake, Devon, and Lexy.

In the season one finale, titled ‘An Affair to Dismember,’ Chucky prepares to unleash an army of dolls in his former hometown. However, Andy arrives just in time to foil the doll’s plans. He drives the truck filled with Chucky dolls away from the city and hopes to destroy them. However, a Tiffany doll emerges from the truck and holds Andy at gunpoint. She forces Andy to continue driving, and his fate is left unresolved. The second season premiere reveals that Andy manages to distract Tiffany and disarms her. He then drives off a cliff with the truck, likely destroying all the Chucky dolls.

Clues Suggest Andy Might Still Be Alive

The second season premiere seemingly confirms that after battling Chucky for nearly three decades, Andy Barclay has finally bit the dust. In the episode, Andy drives off a cliff and is prepared to sacrifice himself to destroy all the Chucky dolls. Since his first interaction with the killer doll, Andy has made it his mission to destroy Chucky. Moreover, the episode also confirms that Chucky and Tiffany killed Kyle in the season 1 finale. Therefore, Andy sacrifices himself to stop Chucky and avenge Kyle’s death. When his car falls off the cliff and into the valley, it explodes and catches fire. Therefore, there is little chance of Andy surviving.

However, as the episode progresses, a Chucky doll returns to Hackensack and starts tormenting Jake, Dvon, and Lexy. Hence, it is evident that not all dolls were destroyed in the truck crash. If the Chucky doll is from the batch that Andy took with him, there is still hope that Andy will survive the near-fatal incident. Furthermore, the last we see Andy, he is driving the truck. After the truck falls from the cliff and explodes, we do not see Andy. Since there is no dead body, it would be unwise to assume that Andy is dead. After all, Chucky has seemingly died several times only to emerge and continue his twisted charade. Hence, it is only fitting that his arch nemesis would also follow a similar pattern. Despite the show’s best efforts to convince us that Andy Barclay is finally dead, the door is still open on Alex Vincent’s return to the fold. Therefore, viewers should keep their eyes open for an Andy Barclay return late in the game.

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