Is Kyle Dead or Alive at the End of Chucky?

‘Chucky’ season 1 brings together various elements from the ‘Child’s Play‘ franchise into one melting pot. The slasher show sees the return of fan-favorite characters such as Tiffany, Andy, and Kyle while a group of teenagers tries to deal with Chucky’s murderous spree. As the show’s debut season approaches its conclusion, it delivers a shocking season finale packed with plenty of casualties. Therefore, viewers must be curious to learn whether Kyle is one of those who fall prey to Chucky’s machinations. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about Kyle’s fate at the end of ‘Chucky’ season 1!

What Happens to Kyle in Chucky?

Kyle is the foster sibling of Andy Barclay, Chucky’s arch-nemesis. Kyle first appears in 1990’s ‘Child’s Play 2’ and makes a cameo in the 2017 film ‘Cult of Chucky.’ Since the events of that movie, Kyle and Andy have been dealing with the various Chucky dolls, systematically taking them out one by one. In the series, Kyle is helping Andy do the same, and their quest leads them to Hackensack.

In the first season finale, titled ‘An Affair to Dismember,’ Kyle manages to locate Lexy and Jake. She saves them from a Chucky doll. She explains to the teenagers that Chucky can split his soul into as many bodies as he wants as long as it is an identical vessel, with the exception of Nica Pierce. Kyle agrees to help Lexy and Jake save Devon but heads out alone so that the teenagers will be safe. However, by the time she arrives at the house where Devon is being held hostage, a deadly trap is waiting for her.

Is Kyle Dead or Alive?

Earlier in the season 1 finale, Tiffany, Junior, and Nica leave Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home along with the many dolls. Before leaving, Tiffany sets up a booby trap laced with explosives to counter anyone who tries to enter the house and rescue Devon. Andy arrives at the home and navigates the booby trap to rescue Devon. However, shortly after, Kyle tries to enter the house and ends up triggering the explosives. Andy rushes to stop her, but the house explodes, leaving the siblings’ fate unclear. Later in the episode, we get confirmation that Andy survived the blast. However, the same cannot be said for Kyle. She does not appear again in the episode, and it is unclear if she made it out alive.

Although it is likely that Kyle survived the near-death situation but considering her proximity to the explosives, there is a slight possibility that she perished in the blast. On the other hand, given that Andy was also inside the house and emerged with surprisingly minor damage, there’s perhaps still hope for Kyle to be alive as well. It is likely that her injuries are worse than Andy’s, which would explain why she doesn’t appear later in the episode.

At the same time, it provides an explanation for why Andy shows up at the cinema hall much later as he was likely tending to Kyle’s injuries. Therefore, we have a solid reason to believe that Kyle is still alive. Moreover, she could also be the mysterious person watching Lexy, Jake, and Devon at the end of the episode. Like the unidentified person, Kyle also sports a pair of black gloves in the episode. Hence, we can’t rule out the possibility of Kyle being alive and watching over the kids.

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