Did Frances Turner’s Lyn Malvo Leave New Amsterdam? Theories

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From its inception, NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ succeeds in offering engaging and distinct relationship sagas for the viewers. From Iggy and Martin’s heartwarming togetherness to Bloom and Leyla’s tearjerker, the series always stole the hearts of the fans through moving romances. The first half of the fourth season of the show depicts Lyn’s intricate relationship with Reynolds, which gets complicated with the former’s pregnancy.

When the ambiguity regarding the identity of Lyn’s baby’s father started to enthrall the viewers, the narrative of the fourth season deviates from Lyn and Reynolds’ storyline abruptly, coupled with the former’s absence in three consecutive episodes. As the fans worry about Frances Turner’s Dr. Lyn Malvo’s fate, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Lyn Malvo?

Lyn and Reynolds’ relationship takes an unforeseen turn when Lyn’s husband Dr. Claude Baptiste agrees to be in a polyamorous relationship to continue his life with Lyn. However, the complications in their life only increase when Lyn gets pregnant. The two men begin to fight over the identity of the baby, only to realize that the identity doesn’t matter more than their love for Lyn. They decide to prioritize taking care of Lyn and “their baby” rather than conducting a paternity test. When Lyn’s health gets weakened, Reynolds and Baptiste start to look after her.

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During one day, Reynolds comes across photographs of Lyn and Baptiste, taken during their early years of married life. He gets astounded to see how happy they were as a family and how he can never replace Baptiste’s position in Lyn’s life. Reynolds also realizes that he will always remain an outsider in their home even if he is one of the three in the polyamorous relationship. The realization leads him to gift Lyn flowers and a pierogi platter in the name of Baptiste to help the husband mend his once beautiful marriage with Lyn.

Reynolds’ action indicates the possibility that he may step aside from Lyn and Baptiste’s relationship to give them a chance to retrieve their lost happiness. Considering Lyn’s absence in the show for three consecutive episodes, fans can’t be blamed for worrying over the character’s possible departure from Reynolds’ storyline and the show. So, did Frances Turner already leave the medical drama? Let’s find out!

Did Frances Turner Leave The New Amsterdam?

As Reynolds ponders over his future with Lyn and Baptiste, his separation from Lyn is indeed a possibility. Such a development may turn out to be a dead-end for Frances Turner’s Lyn, justifying the actress’ possible exit. Like Margot Bingham’s Evie Garrison, the ex-partner of Reynolds, Lyn may also get written off upon her potential separation from Reynolds. However, neither NBC nor Turner has released any statements or announcements regarding Lyn’s supposed departure, indicating that we haven’t seen the last of the character.

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The absence of Lyn can be due to the narrative’s focus on Max’s efforts to force Veronica to resign from New Amsterdam. After investing a significant part of the fourth season to depict Lyn’s relationship with Reynolds and Baptiste and the eventual pregnancy, it is unlikely that the character has met its end in the show abruptly. Since Lyn’s pregnancy and the complications the baby will potentially create in the life of Reynolds have ample scope to continue, we can look forward to seeing Lyn in the upcoming episodes of the fourth season.

We can also expect Reynolds to confront his doubts and second thoughts regarding his life with Lyn. If he is sure about his life with her, we may see him getting challenged by his orthodox mother. Lyn and Reynolds may come across enough challenges on their way as they are expected to step into a crucial phase in their lives. Considering these possibilities, we believe that Frances Turner is likely to continue featuring in ‘New Amsterdam.’

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