Did Genevieve Angelson’s Mia Castries Leave New Amsterdam?

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In the fourth season of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam,’ Dr. Veronica Fuentes replaces Dr. Max Goodwin as the medical director of New Amsterdam. While the doctors of the hospital find it hard to accept a replacement for Max, Veronica further increases the distance between her and her department chiefs by appointing Dr. Mia Castries, who joins New Amsterdam as the head of the holistic medicine department.

Although other doctors fail to accept and welcome her right away, Mia eventually wins them over with her dedication to the betterment of her patients. By the time the character finally succeeds in winning the hearts of the viewers, she disappears from the narrative of the show. Since Genevieve Angelson’s character doesn’t appear in the fifth season premiere, one must be wondering whether the actress has parted ways with the show. Let us share what we know!

What Happened to Dr. Mia Castries?

When Mia joins New Amsterdam as the proponent of holistic medicine, other doctors like Lauren Bloom and Elizabeth Wilder express their concerns regarding the lack of scientific foundation in her practices. Lauren, Wilder, and other department chiefs also see her as Veronica’s ally at first. Still, Mia eventually manages to win the trust of her colleagues. She teams up with Lauren and Wilder to treat their patients and bring hope to their lives. In the eighteenth episode of season 4, Mia and Lauren help a patient despite the latter’s doubts regarding Mia’s efficiency. Unfortunately, we see the last of Mia in the same episode.

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Angelson’s Mia doesn’t feature in the last four episodes of the fourth season and the fifth season premiere. In the twentieth episode of the fourth season, Max succeeds in dethroning Veronica with the help of essential workers working at the hospital, who fight the medical director to help Max as Max has been helping them. So, did Angelson leave the medical drama? Is Veronica’s departure from New Amsterdam connected to Mia’s absence? Let’s find out.

Genevieve Angelson Has Most Likely Left New Amsterdam

Even though neither NBC nor Genevieve Angelson has officially announced the departure of the actress from ‘New Amsterdam,’ reports suggest that there aren’t any plans for Angelson to return to the show’s fifth installment. The actress joined the fifth season of Hulu’s dystopian series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ but despite reportedly wrapping the filming of her portions, she isn’t expected to join the NBC medical drama for its final season. Thus, we can expect an announcement concerning Angelson’s most likely exit from the show soon.

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Angelson’s character Mia Castries is seemingly conceived to increase the tensions in New Amsterdam under the reign of Veronica. The doctor’s holistic practices, promoted by Veronica, make other department heads question the medical director’s methods. Since she departs from the hospital, the scope of Mia’s character diminishes for Angelson to return to the show’s fifth season. Mia’s storyline must have wrapped to focus on other pivotal characters, especially Dr. Elizabeth Wilder. Since Sandra Mae Frank, who plays Wilder, got promoted to a series regular, it is clear that the season will focus more on Wilder and her bond with Max. It can also be the reason behind the completion of Mia’s story arc.

Even though Angelson will be missed in ‘New Amsterdam,’ admirers of the actress can look forward to her performance in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ as Gladys Wheeler, the driving force of Gilead in Toronto.

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