Did Savannah Welch’s Dr. Danni Leave The Good Doctor?

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The sixth season of ABC’s medical seriesThe Good Doctor’ sees the introduction of Savannah Welch’s Dr. Danica “Danni” Powell. Although she joins San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital as a resident, she doesn’t hesitate to stand by her principles, even if it means standing against her superiors, especially Dr. Shaun Murphy. In the eleventh episode of the season, Danni gets into trouble when she decides to forget the rules for the sake of a former compatriot named Vince. Her actions threaten her stay at St. Bonaventure, leading Dr. Audrey Lim to make a significant and startling decision concerning her future at the place. So, is Danni parting ways with the hospital? Have we seen the last of Welch in the show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Dr. Danni?

In the eleventh episode of the sixth season, Danni’s former Navy compatriot Vince shows up at her apartment with a gunshot wound. Vince tells her that he cannot go to a hospital since they will report the same, ending his parole. Vince wants to spend the parole with his daughter and he doesn’t want the wound to end the same earlier than expected. Realizing the gravity of the predicament, Danni operates on Vince using the supplies she steals from St. Bonaventure. Due to the limitations of a procedure that’s not done at an OR, Danni’s efforts end up becoming inadequate to treat Vince, making her consult Dr. Asher Wolke. Asher arrives at the apartment and helps Danni, only for Lim to encounter them both accidentally.

Image Credit: Jeff Weddell/ABC

Since Danni and Asher do the surgery illegally, without reporting at the hospital, Lim gets forced to punish them. She initially plans to give both of them probation for a few months but the hospital president Dr. Marcus Andrews asks Lim whether Danni is even aware of her mistake for her to correct the same during the probation. Lim knows that Danni’s actions are governed by her principles and a total disregard for the place’s rules and regulations. Thus, Lim gets forced to fire Danni from the residency program to teach the latter the consequences of her actions. Danni also makes it clear to Lim that she doesn’t think that she has done anything wrong, making the latter finalize the decision to fire her.

Since Danni is not a doctor at St. Bonaventure Hospital anymore, the viewers must be wondering whether Savannah Welch’s character will remain a part of the series, away from its general setting. Here’s what we can share about the same.

Savannah Welch’s Exist From The Good Doctor

Yes, Savannah Welch did leave ‘The Good Doctor.’ As per reports, the eleventh episode of the sixth season, titled ‘The Good Boy,’ is confirmed to be the last episode featuring Welch’s Dr. Danica “Danni” Powell. The actress’ departure can be because of creative reasons. Danni is seemingly introduced in the season as a pivotal part of Lim’s paralysis storyline. When the trauma surgeon gets paralyzed following surgery by Shaun Murphy, Danni becomes her support system. Since Danni had lost one of her legs in the line of duty, she knows the gravity of Lim’s pain, which leads her to encourage the surgeon that her paralysis isn’t the end of her life.

Lim follows Danni’s advice, which leads her to Clay Porter, with whom she forms a relationship. Now that Lim walks again, Danni’s relevance in her storyline gets concluded, seemingly paving the way for the conclusion of the latter’s story arc as well. In addition, the writers of the series might have conceived Lim firing Danni to depict the stakes of working as a doctor, which opens a gateway for Welch’s exit from the series. The writers might haven’t also found enough scope for the character in the long run. Although she will be missed in the medical drama, we can expect Welch to captivate the viewers with her performance as Ellie in the upcoming TV movie ‘Morse Code.’

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