Do Alexa and Brennon From Love is Blind Get Married? Theories

As a reality dating series that breaks all bounds of the genre by focusing purely on emotional connections at first, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ can only be described as equal parts romantic and cozy. It thus comes as no surprise the cast often find themselves being vulnerable in a way they’ve never been before, especially since they can’t ever see one another while setting their foundation. Amongst them were none other than Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux in season 3 — who do get engaged sight unseen —so now, let’s scour into whether they follow through or not, shall we?

Alexa and Brennon’s Love is Blind Journey

If we’re being honest, the moment then-29-year-old Insurance Manager Alexa first came across the true-southern charmer in the pods, there were sparks and a feeling of comfort in the air. After all, they were able to instantly delve into their shared passion for food before letting the conversation naturally veer towards their families/heritage without a single awkward pause. The fact the 30-year-old Sales Coach Brennon could cook Shakshouka (a popular dish among Jewish Israelis like her), and their similarities in terms of kitchen backgrounds just pushed them closer as well.

That’s why Alexa even quipped — on day one itself — “we’re the perfect match over here… Do you want to get married now?,” to which Brennon replied, “I’m into it,” followed by a small laugh. However, as the days passed, they grew closer and closer by opening up about not only the pain they both felt while growing up in broken homes but also their actual future expectations. From possible struggles to the importance of family approval to children, they seemingly covered everything before Brennon closed all other doors and happily exchanged “I love you’s” with Alexa.

“I was extremely skeptical of this entire experiment,” he candidly said in a confessional. “I guess maybe I’m just trying to figure out what being in love really is, but…I feel good. Alexa is making me a believer in this process… [She] makes me feel good; she makes me feel heard. She makes me feel comfortable, [and] trusted.” That’s why he got down on one knee without hesitation, even though love was the only significantly scary thing missing from his life — he admitted he was obsessed with her without even seeing her, and thankfully she returned every sentiment!

Do Alexa and Brennon Get Married?

With the way Alexa and Brennon’s first meeting went, where they mostly held one another as a means to express their overwhelming emotions, it was evident they were both beyond happy. Therefore, the fact they were able to simply heighten their pod experience during the initial few days of their Malibu getaway with good communication on romantic dates came as no surprise either. Yes, there were a couple of (understandable) pauses this time around, yet their overall sense of humor, personalities, as well as physical and emotional desires were still on the very same page.

In other words, there seemed to be no issues between Alexa and Brennon in any way, shape, or form; and if they’re able to maintain this, we honestly don’t see why either of them would say, “I don’t” at the altar. Their families, religious differences, or the mere aspect of it becoming too much too quickly could be a breaking point for either, but we don’t really see it happening considering that they’ve themselves been so understanding up until this point.

Nevertheless, if some troubles do arise, all the couple would need to do is remember the reason they fell in love in the first place and recognize it was as real as everything else — they might just be okay then. We do need to mention that the actuality of Alexa and Brennon not being mutual followers on social media as of writing is a little worrisome, yet they have obviously been hiding their left hand since filming came to a close in the summer of 2021. Thus, the possibility they tied the knot is extremely high.

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