Are Colleen and Matt From Love is Blind Still Married?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a unique dating reality series that is sure to keep you entertained, especially with the presence of the “pods” that allow participants to get to know their potential partners without seeing them. After all, the whole idea behind this production is to help willing, marriage-ready singles find genuine emotional connections without being influenced by physical appearances and their own “type,” at least initially. That’s because the cast members do get to meet their chosen other half face to face after getting engaged and being ready to plan their wedding.

The third season of this series welcomed residents of Dallas, Texas, including Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, who soon got involved. The duo was actually more than eager to tie the knot because they believed they’d found “the one,” but their journey to the altar was far from easy. Naturally, fans are thus eager to know if they are still even together, and we are here to answer the same!

Colleen and Matt’s Love is Blind Journey

If we’re being honest, Colleen’s time during the blind dating phase of the show was anything but happy or smooth sailing. She found herself forming a connection with Brennon Lemieux at first, yet he decided to pursue his connection with Alexa Alfia instead. Then, her bond with Cole Barnett also fractured once the two disagreed on what they wanted out of a relationship going forward. However, despite being heartbroken, Colleen held hope, and thank god she did because that’s when Matt entered the picture.

While in the pods, the ballet dancer and executive then got to know each other on an actual, deeper level. Matt even shared the details of his previous marriage and how his high school sweetheart had ended up getting pregnant from infidelity. This greatly impacted Colleen, who could not help but admire her date’s strength for still believing in love after having been betrayed on such a huge scale. Therefore, having gradually fallen in love thanks to the sense of openness, honesty, and lightness between them, Matt proposed, and Colleen happily said yes.

After getting engaged, the couple finally got to see each other for the first time, and they made it clear they still could not wait to start a new chapter of their lives together. However, things took a turn when they met up with other couples on their getaway to Malibu. During an event, Cole Barnett approached Colleen, and the two had a conversation where the former admitted he thought Colleen was physically attractive, to which she responded in a similar manner. This heavily upset Matt as he didn’t understand why his fiancee even entertained Cole’s comments and did not shut him down immediately — he almost walked away from her because of it. Though the couple stuck together following some discussion, this issue did continue to come up and remained a sour point for them for a long time.

Once Colleen and Matt returned to Dallas, as expected, they met up with each other’s loved ones to learn about their partner in further detail and truly experience their real-world relationship. That’s when the latter’s mother and Colleen even had a heart-to-heart discussion over the authenticity of her feelings and Matt’s past ordeals. In the end, though, the couple had the blessings of the two families as well as their friends. But alas, during another night out with the rest of the cast members, Matt’s frustration regarding the exchange between Cole and Colleen came back to the surface.

In order to resolve his issues, Matt had a frank conversation with Cole, who assured him that Colleen had done nothing flirtatious. Cole admitted that he had been the one to start the inappropriate discussion, and all she did was agree with him, yet it was clear she wasn’t interested. Matt seemed pacified in that moment, but once he returned to the duo’s living quarters, he blew up again as he realized his fiancee had gone out clubbing with the other girls. His anger was owing to trust issues stemming from his previous marriage, but it couldn’t excuse the way he was ready to forget the good things in their relationship or the fact Colleen hadn’t done actually anything wrong.

The next day, Colleen told viewers she took a firm stand against Matt’s refusal to move on from an issue she felt they had already discussed and closed the lid on. She explained that though she understood her fiance’s insecurities, she did not want to always be on the lookout for them. Given the rocky nature of their relationship, both of them were quite uncertain about whether or not their union would actually be a success.

Are Colleen and Matt Still Married?

Defying all expectations, Colleen and Matt got married in a beautiful, emotional ceremony by mutually saying, “I do.” The happy ending of their tumultuous journey and their eagerness to start their new lives together warmed the hearts of their loved ones, too. Plus, Colleen recently shared with her followers that their “yacht date was unbelievable and meeting each other’s family and friends was very special. We talked for hours about bringing each other into our “real world,” and when we eventually were able to do so, we realized quickly how much love and respect we have for each other. I’ll always love our story.”

Therefore, we’re glad to report that Collen and Matt are still happily married and are always happy to post pictures of them spending quality time together. The dancer has also taken to Instagram to voice her appreciation for not just the experience but also their time together. The couple did reveal in the reunion special that they do not live together owing to issues concerning their finances, leases, and roommate situation, but they do spend most of their time side by side.

Colleen and Matt are thus doing things at their own pace (as they should; it’s their marriage, not anyone else’s) and continue to work through their daily lives by having open, honest dialogues. When the Netflix showrunners followed up with the two after a year of their marriage, they had still not moved in together though they were looking at different houses to buy as a couple. The fact they actually do plan to move in together around early 2023 and have truly found a pillar of unwavering support within one another, as made evident through a majority of their public standing, also says a lot about their love.

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