Do Raven and SK From Love is Blind Get Back Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a popular reality dating series with many diverse, entertaining love stories for viewers to enjoy. The show puts the concept of inner beauty to the test through its special pods, which allow participants to go on dates without seeing each other. Through the experiment, the showrunners hope to foster better emotional connections between cast members without them getting distracted by physical attributes. The participants are thus only allowed to see their partners once they get engaged to marry.

Season 3 of the show featured many couples whose journeys easily captivated the audience. This included the duo of Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada, whose calm and mature relationship tackled many real-life issues. Though they had their fair share of troubles, they were determined to be there for each other through thick and thin. Naturally, their fans are eager to know the current status of their relationship. So, let’s explore the same, shall we?

Raven and SK’s Love is Blind Journey

Pilates Instructor Raven honestly did not lack options when she entered ‘Love is Blind.’ In fact, she developed quite a bond with Bartise Bowden as the two were equally passionate about fitness and had shared many details of their personal lives with each other. However, the duo soon found themselves drifting apart. While Bartise became invested in Nancy Rodriguez, Raven slowly opened up to SK, with who she initially did not think she would find much in common.

However, slowly but surely, Raven and SK developed a bond based on their common thought process and their understanding of each other’s pasts. When the Nigerian man opened up about how he grew up in a family with several parental figures and his opinions on polygamy (a tradition that is still in practice in Nigeria), Raven appreciated his candidness and shared her own personal struggles. Their mutual acceptance of each other helped them fall in love with each other, leading to a proposal from SK, which Raven gladly accepted.

Once Raven and SK finally got to see each other, though, they chose to let things take their natural flow instead of jumping right into bed in order to not dampen their emotional bond. While staying together, they learned about each other on an ever deeper level and quickly fell into a routine. SK even expressed how significant his culture was to him and admitted he hoped to introduce his fiancee to the beauty of the same. Having grown up in primarily white areas despite her own roots, Raven was thus afraid of not being accepted or fitting in, but her partner assured her that his family would welcome her with open arms.

Therefore, when the couple returned to the real world — to Dallas, Texas — SK introduced Raven to his family. His mother was not only undeniably happy about his decision to settle down, but she also liked his choice, as made evident by her assuring Raven that she would help her learn more about their culture. The fact Raven’s family did not have much faith in the experiment and refused to even be a part of her upcoming wedding did bother the Nigerian family, but nothing could be done.

Then, Raven and SK hit a bit of a snag when the latter’s plans regarding the continuation of his studies came into play. This made the former and her friends wonder if the couple was even ready to take on such a heavy financial and emotional burden. As time went on, Raven also grew genuinely concerned about her fiancee’s community’s expectation of her as a wife, especially since she’d made it clear she was in no way a traditional partner. However, they were able to resolve these issues simply by having open conversations.

When the time came, Raven and SK thus met each other at the altar — they’d planned a beautiful wedding ceremony blending both Nigerian and American cultures. Raven herself wore a traditional headgear in white to match her dress to honor the family she’d be marrying into. However, surprisingly, it was SK who decided not to go forward with the union as he felt that the two needed more time to develop as a couple. He confessed he still loved and cared for Raven, but he would rather lose her for good owing to this refusal than be in an unhappy marriage.

Do Raven and SK Get Back Together?

Following their almost-marriage in the Netflix series, Raven and SK had some issues navigating their relationship together but ultimately decided to stay together. The latter had to move to California in order to pursue his master’s degree. Despite the distance, the two tried their best to maintain their relationship and learned how to navigate their new circumstances. Raven had even developed a close bond with her partner’s mother and would often talk about her affectionately.

A year after Raven and SK first met, the Netflix showrunners checked up on the cast members of the show’s third season and found the couple thriving in their love life. Though their circumstances were far from ideal, the love between the two seemed evident and led to many hoping to see another marriage, even if it might not be in front of reality TV cameras. Needless to say, SK’s proposal to Raven was well-received by everyone, and many shed tears of joy.

However, the dreams of happily ever after that people had for them shattered after Raven shared the news of their separation in November 2022. After their split had become public, there were many cheating allegations thrown at SK, leading him to clarify a few things. “A lot of people have misconceptions about the timeline of our relationship,” he told Life & Style. “When Raven and I left the altar, I went about living my life as a single guy, and she went about living her life as a single woman.”

The reasons behind this split were explained in the same segment of the reality show where the public witnessed Raven and SK getting engaged for the second time. Raven shared that SK had apparently cheated on her after the two had gotten engaged, which led to the end of the betrothal. While heartbroken, the pilates instructor knew that this was the end of the road for them.

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