Do John and Hailey End Up Together in Rabbit Hole?

Paramount+ ‘Rabbit Hole,’ a spy thriller series that revolves around John Weir, a master of deception and corporate espionage. However, John is forced to get to the bottom of a grave conspiracy when he is implicated in a murder he did not commit. As a result, John comes across the all-powerful Crowley and faces numerous threats. Therefore, there is little time for romance in John’s life. Nonetheless, he forms a bond with Haily Winton, who is inadvertently drawn into his schemes. As a result, viewers must be wondering whether John and Hailey end up together in ‘Rabbit Hole.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between John and Hailey?

John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland of ‘Designated Survivor‘) and Hailey Winton (Meta Golding of ‘Empire’) first meet in the series premiere episode of Rabbit Hole’ In the episode, Hailey meets John at a bar after finding his profile on an online dating website. John believes FBI Agent Jo Madi sent Hailey to spy on him. As a result, John leaves after sleeping with her. Later, Hailey is unwittingly drawn into John’s life of deception and conspiracies when he is accused of killing Edward Homm and Miles Valence. Eventually, Hailey starts working with John to help him expose the all-powerful Crowley.

In the fourth episode, Hailey’s secret comes out when we learn that she is not a simple lawyer working for an NGO. She was fired from her former law firm, and she stole Bitcoins worth $26 million from her former boss. Meanwhile, John trains Hailey in the art of spying and deception, and she proves herself to be a useful asset, helping to retrieve a briefcase in the sixth episode. By the season 1 finale, John and Hailey grow close to each other and share a kiss, confirming their romantic interest in each other. However, Crowley’s impending nefarious machinations threaten any potential romance between the two. As a result, John and Hailey must first work to take down Crowley.

Do John and Hailey End Up Together?

The season 1 finale sees John attempting to bring Edward Homm in front of the world to prove his innocence and expose Crowley. He receives Hailey’s help in safely transporting Homm to the news network’s office. Later, Hailey also fights The Intern/Kyle and stops him from assassinating Homm. Ultimately, John outsmarts Crowley, and Ben kills the latter. Thus, the season ends on a high note as the principal antagonist bites the dust. Moreover, Crowley’s death paves the way for John and Hailey’s romantic union, and the same is confirmed when they are seen walking out of the office hand-in-hand.

Throughout the first season, Hailey proves herself as a capable ally for John and completely immerses herself in his world of corporate espionage and deception. Moreover, Hailey uses the skills she has learned from John to take care of her former boss, who was after her. As a result, John and Hailey are free to be with each other. Although John’s first marriage did not work out because of the dangerous nature of his job, his relationship with Hailey is promising. Since Hailey has grown accustomed to living life like John and thrives in the face of adversity, they are an ideal match. Furthermore, Hailey has proven that she can look after herself, making it nearly impossible for someone to use her as a weakness against John. Hence, it is safe to say that John and Hailey will end up together in the long run. However, their relationship status isn’t explicitly confirmed in the season 1 finale.

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