Do Nate and Cassie Get Together in Euphoria?

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‘Euphoria’ season 2 picks up roughly a week after the second bridge episode and centers on a New Year’s party that Rue and her friends are attending. There is a lot of drama, and the tension is heightened as the teenagers gather to ring in the New Year. The shifting dynamics between the teenagers are the episode’s highlight.

Amidst the fun party atmosphere, an unexpected turn of events plots a romantic future for two unexpected characters. Yes, we are talking about Nate and Cassie finding themselves attracted towards each other. If you are wondering whether the recent developments surrounding Nate and Cassie will lead to a romantic relationship between the two, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Nate and Cassie?

In the first season of ‘Euphoria,’ Nate and Cassie barely interact. Nate is in a toxic on-again/off-again relationship with Cassie’s best friend, Maddy. On the other hand, Cassie is dating Nate’s close friend, McKay. Their storylines do not overlap much until the show’s second season. By this time, Cassie has already broken up with McKay, and the same goes for Nate and Maddy. In the season 2 premiere, Nate and Cassie appear to be still recovering from their respective breakups.

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On her way to the party, Cassie has an argument with Lexi and gets out of the car. She ends up at a local convenience store and buys herself a snack. Coincidently, Nate is also headed towards the party and stops at the store to pick up some beer. He sees Cassie and the two talk briefly about their breakups. Nate offers Cassie a ride to the party, and, on the way, both find themselves attracted to one another.

Do Nate and Cassie Get Together?

After Nate and Cassie’s car ride, we cut to them hooking up in a bathroom at the party. However, they are interrupted by Maddy wanting to use the bathroom. Both Nate and Cassie freak out about the situation. Eventually, they manage to keep their hookup a secret. By the episode’s end, Nate is beaten up badly by Fezco, and we do not get an indication of their feelings for each other.

While it appears that Nate and Cassie were simply hooking up and have no romantic feelings for each other, that could change over the course of the season. Cassie’s conversation with McKay confirms that she no longer has feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Nate and McKay’s chat also hints that Nate does not plan to reconcile with Maddy. Therefore, Nate and Cassie could end up having a romantic relationship, at least theoretically.

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However, it seems like neither needs a committed relationship for now. Cassie’s childhood issues have led to her falling in love with every guy she sleeps with. She admits that she is trying to change that, and a slew of hookups will undoubtedly benefit her cause. On the other hand, Nate is grappling with his sexuality and is scared to address the possibility of being bisexual or gay.

Therefore, a non-committed casual relationship could best favor Nate and Cassie. Not to mention, Maddy and McKay finding out about Nate and Cassie has the potential to deliver some profound dramatic moments. All things said, although we aren’t quite sure how things between Nate and Cassie will play out, the duo getting together in the future is certainly on the cards.

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