Do Sam and Elsa Break Up in 1883?

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1883‘ is shaping to be a journey of a lifetime for young Elsa Dutton. Elsa has to deal with her fair share of challenges and heartbreaks on the road to Oregon. The optimistic and intuitive Elsa manages to hold her own in a group of rugged cowboys and proves that she is made for life on the road. However, Elsa has had poor luck so far when it comes to love.

Therefore, as she begins to get closer to Sam, viewers are getting worried about the fate of the couple’s relationship. Moreover, the show’s latest episode leads Elsa on a course away from Sam. Does that mean Sam and Elsa have broken up for good? Here’s all the information you need about the couple’s relationship status! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Sam and Elsa Break Up?

Sam and Elsa meet in the seventh episode of ‘1883’ titled ‘Lightning Yellow Hair.’ Elsa has recently recovered from the loss of her lover Ennis. Sam challenges Elsa to a horseback race. The competition is close, but Elsa wins it by a small margin thanks to her horse, Lightning. After winning the race, Elsa and Sam become friends and continue their conversation. During the storm, Sam protects Elsa, and the two share a passionate kiss amidst the natural calamity. Later, Sam saves Elsa from a group of bandits, and the incident cements their feelings for each other.

In the eighth episode titled ‘The Weep of Surrender,’ Elsa and Sam continue their romance and grow closer. They profess their love for one another and sleep together. Sam teaches Elsa to hunt a buffalo, and after killing it, he explains the act’s significance to his tribe. Elsa enjoys Sam’s company, and the two discuss getting married. Despite some reluctance from her parents, Elsa remains firm on her desire to marry Sam, and James reluctantly agrees.

However, in the end, the couple goes their separate ways, but that does not necessarily mean they have broken up. In the episode, Elsa exclaims that she already considers Sam as her husband in her heart. She does not feel the need to have a ceremony and make their marriage official. Elsa’s sentiments strongly reflect her love for Sam. However, Elsa opts to finish the journey that she has started, which means she must part ways from Sam for the time being.

On the other hand, Sam is presented with the option of joining the caravan but refuses as he wishes to help his tribe protect their land. Nonetheless, Sam also addresses Elsa as his wife. Ultimately, Sam and Elsa choose their own paths in life, but they promise to reunite in the future. However, whether the young couple reunites or tragedy strikes before that remains to be seen.

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