Does Keyshawn aka Miss Mississippi Die in P-Valley?

The second season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ follows Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi’s efforts to mend her relationship with Derrick. She tries her best to make him secure and comfortable in the relationship while building a career of her own by touring with Lil Murda. As a performer, she becomes a phenomenon but her absence in the house paves the way for severe consequences. Derrick’s actions even end up threatening Keyshawn’s life, forcing her to consider leaving Chucalissa with her kids. In the second season finale, Keyshawn tries her best to do the same but fails. So, does that mean she may die? Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Keyshawn Die?

No, Keyshawn does not die, at least for now. After finishing her part in the Dirty Dozen tour, Keyshawn returns home and finds out that Derrick has been hurting their children. She realizes that leaving her abusive boyfriend is an absolute necessity, especially since her kids are suffering his atrocities too. After coming to know about her son’s injury, inflicted by Derrick, she confronts and tells him that she is leaving him. Derrick, however, takes his girlfriend’s words badly as he threatens to harm her. Keyshawn ends up putting her life on the line just by being with Derrick.

In the second season finale, Keyshawn tries to run away from Derrick to save her and their kids’ lives. Derrick comes to know about the same and stops it by creating a narrative that she is abusive towards their children. The child protection agency gets involved and asks Keyshawn to report to them for six months, putting an end to her dream to leave Chucalissa. She doesn’t have an option other than staying with Derrick, at least for six months, her life under threat. Still, Derrick may not kill her right away. Rather than seeing her dead, Derrick wants her to be with him, even if she is in a cage.

If the third season of the show gets greenlit, we may see Derrick forcing Keyshawn to stay in Chucalissa, under his watch. Since government officials are involved in her life, she may not be able to run away from the city as she wants. Derrick may continue to hurt her if she doesn’t comply with what he wants as well. He may consider killing her only if he realizes that there isn’t any way Keyshawn can be a part of his life. He may think that she shouldn’t be with anyone if he cannot have her in his life. Such a thought may ignite his viciousness, influencing him to possibly kill her.

Keyshawn can save her and her kids’ lives if she acts before Derrick comes to such a realization. In the second season finale, she calls Diamond to kill Derrick. Since Diamond gets abducted by Big Bone and Big Bawse, she may need to find other ways to kill Derrick. She may wait until Diamond returns or seek the help of Uncle Clifford, who may arrange for someone to help her through Big L. Since Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night disappears from Chucalissa, she may need to find another ally to help her.

If nobody comes forward to help Keyshawn to kill Derrick, she may need to kill him herself to save her life. Considering that Hailey’s gun is still with her, it may happen. Derrick’s actions to trap her in Chucalissa may trigger her to kill him herself for the sake of her life and future.

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