Does Laura End up with Massimo or Nacho in 365 Days This Day?

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska/Netflix

In the second movie of the ‘365 Days’ film series, titled ‘365 Days: This Day,’ a love triangle between Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), Massimo (Michele Morrone), and a mysterious man named Nacho (Simone Susinna) emerges at the center of the narrative. When the film begins, some time has passed since Laura’s accident. She has survived but suffered a miscarriage. However, she hasn’t told Massimo yet, fearing that he might seek vendetta against those responsible.

After their marriage, Laura starts to feel stifled in the life of a mob wife. This is when she meets Nacho, who introduces himself as their gardener. After she comes to believe that she has seen Massimo cheating on her with his former girlfriend Anna, she decides to leave. She finds Nacho, seemingly preparing to go home. When he offers to take her with him, she accepts. If you are wondering whether Laura ends up with Massimo or with Nacho, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Laura End up with Massimo or Nacho?

During a party at her home, Laura thinks that she sees Massimo in Anna’s company. She follows them and catches them having sex. Enraged and hurt by the perceived betrayal, Laura leaves her home with Nacho. What she doesn’t realize is that the entire thing is concocted by her husband’s enemies to sow discord between the two of them. She is Massimo’s greatest weakness, and his enemies are aware of that. They caused Laura’s accident as a warning to Massimo, but he didn’t pay any heed. So, they have decided to replace him with his identical twin brother Adriano. Moreover, it’s Adriano that she saw with Anna at the party.

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska/Netflix

As Massimo employs the might of his entire organization to look for her, Laura leaves Sicily with Nacho. Away from the shadows of her controlling husband, Laura seems to be genuinely happy. Although there are moments of sadness whenever she thinks of Massimo, she appears to have a real desire to move on. One evening, Laura and Nacho watch a movie together before Laura falls asleep in Nacho’s arms. He later wakes her up, and they have sex.

Laura eventually finds out that Nacho is the son of a rival mob boss, and he took her because his father, Don Fernando Matos, ordered him to. However, while pretending to be interested, he has actually fallen in love with her. Nacho takes her to his father, revealing that Massimo will be there as well. During the meeting, Massimo repeatedly demands the release of his wife. But it is soon revealed that Don Matos doesn’t have Laura as his captive.

Two of his own people have betrayed him and taken Laura. As Massimo and Nacho leave together to find her, Laura encounters Adriano, and it doesn’t take her long to realize that this is not her husband. Soon, Anna shows up as well. After Massimo and Nacho arrive, Adriano holds Laura at gunpoint. The climactic scene ends with Laura, Anna, and Adriano shot. Nacho then slowly departs as Massimo wraps his arms around his unresponsive wife.

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska/Netflix

Laura will likely survive and appear in the next installment of the ‘365 Days.’ At least initially, she will be with Massimo, but if the third film follows the source material (‘365 Days’ trilogy by Blanka Lipińska), Laura might decide to make a different choice later in the movie and leave Massimo for Nacho.

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