Does Nolan Die in The Rookie? Theories

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John Nolan becomes a training officer in the fifth season of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie.’ He starts to train Celina Juarez to become a committed and commendable police officer and strengthens his relationship with Bailey Nune by getting engaged to her. Nolan has joined his colleagues to solve several high-profile cases regardless of the life-threatening situations presented by the same. As a TO, Nolan is ever-present on the field, which makes him exposed to dangerous predicaments. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to find out whether he will die in the procedural series. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Nolan Continues Duty Despite Risks

The fifth season of ‘The Rookie’ depicts an intriguing phase of John Nolan’s life. After winning the golden ticket, he chooses to become a training officer and starts to teach Celina the nuances of becoming a cop. However, it doesn’t mean that his life doesn’t get threatened. In the first half of the season, serial killer Rosalind Dyer returns to his life and threatens him and his partner Bailey. Rosalind nearly kills the latter by trapping her in a container. The serial killer succeeds in toying with Nolan and eventually gets killed before she could harm him.

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Ever since Rosalind’s death, there isn’t any significant and noteworthy threat to Nolan’s life. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that he is outrightly out of danger. Almost all of the on-field police officers start their day by preparing to put their lives on the line in case of an emergency. As someone who has never shied away from danger, Nolan is expected to continue doing his job with utmost commitment, even if it means risking his own life. Considering his involvement with the FBI officers, it will not be a surprise if he gets involved in more life-threatening and high-profile cases, which may alarm the ardent admirers of the show concerning his fate.

However, there isn’t any indication of Nolan dying in the series. His fifth-season storyline mostly revolves around training Celina and preparing for his wedding with Bailey. Until his marriage with the firefighter, we can expect the particular storyline to progress without any predicaments threatening Nolan’s life. The couple has been dealing with the differences between them to find a middle ground where they can nurture their relationship. Similarly, Nolan may help Celina to deal with personal concerns while committedly fulfilling professional obligations. Considering the direction in which Nolan’s storyline is progressing, we may not see an abrupt conclusion to the same with his death.

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‘The Rookie’ is known for astounding character deaths, which include the shocking murder of Jackson West. The same was conceived by the writers of the show to open a gateway for Titus Makin Jr. to leave the police procedural. Likewise, the only factor that may compel the writers to kill Nolan off must be Nathan Fillion’s departure from the series. Fillion, however, hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the procedural series anytime soon. The actor is evidently committed to the show and we can expect him to remain the same. Considering that Fillion is also an executive producer of the series, the chances of him leaving the crime drama remain low as well.

To conclude, we believe John Nolan most likely doesn’t die in ‘The Rookie.’ We can look forward to Nolan’s wedding with Bailey in the upcoming episodes of the series. He most likely will be a part of more enthralling investigations, helping his colleagues with his experience as a multi-faceted individual.

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