Does The Dog Die in The Choice?

Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, ‘The Choice‘ is a 2016 feel-good rom-com directed by Ross Katz. Featuring Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker as the leads, Gabby and Travis, the film revolves around two small-town residents. Starting off as bickering next-door neighbors, Travis and Gabby eventually fall in love and walk the rocky path of life together. Throughout their journey, the couple is accompanied by their constant companions and the catalysts in their meet-cute: Moby and Molly, their dogs. Since the film spans a number of years full of hardships for Travis and Gabby, viewers might wonder if something unfortunate happens to Moby or Molly. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about the fate of the dogs from ‘The Choice.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Moby And Molly Die?

From the get-go, the film sets up an interesting opposites-attract dynamic between Travis and Gabby. The two first meet when Gabby, a medical student, confronts Travis about his loud music late at night. During the same, Gabby also assumes Travis’ dog, Moby, has impregnated her dog, Molly. Their first meeting ends with Gabby infuriated by Travis’ smug personality and Travis more than a little head-over-heels for the med student. Eventually, when Gabby visits the local veterinarian, she discovers Travis is a vet who works at the same clinic.

Through another banter-filled meet, Travis reveals Moby is neutered and couldn’t have gotten Molly pregnant. Since Travis and Gabby are neighbors in a small town, they bump into each other several times. However, it takes Molly’s intervention for their lives to really intertwine with each other’s. The night Molly gives birth to her pups, she undergoes a uterine collapse. A frantic Gabby knocks on Travis’ door in the middle of the night after her dog starts crying and throwing up.

Being a vet, Travis is able to help Molly through birthing her pups. Later he drives Molly to the clinic to monitor her health. However, since Travis leaves for the clinic right after Molly gives birth, he has to spend the rest of his night on the cold hard floor of the clinic. When Travis’ father, Dr. Shep, points out the gravity of his actions, Travis realizes the depth of his feelings for Gabby. Inversely, Gabby also starts to see Travis in a different light after encountering his caring and nurturing side.

As the film progresses, Travis and Gabby inevitably end up together, building a life beside each other with two kids— and their dogs. However, tragedy soon befalls the happy family when Gabby falls into a coma following a car crash. During this time, the Shaw-Holland household hangs on by a fragile thread. In the end, Travis is presented with the most difficult choice of his life when the doctors suggest he pull Gabby off of life support.

Nevertheless, Travis finds a beacon of hope when Moby discovers Gabby’s lost wind chime at the seaside. Set to motion, Travis builds a gazebo for Gabby’s wind chime on their secluded island. Thanks to Moby, Travis is able to keep his mind busy and hold onto his sanity by distracting himself with the gazebo construction.

Eventually, Gabby wakes from her coma and returns back home to her overjoyed family. In the end, neither of the dogs dies in ‘The Choice.’ Throughout the film, Moby and Molly provide companionship and comfort to Travis and Gabby. Likewise, after Gabby’s recovery, Moby and Molly continue to be lovable members of the Shaw-Holland family.

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